Corporations, startups & everything in between

Our Learning Management System is priced to accommodate organizations of all sizes.


  • 500 Active Users
  • 2 Administrators
  • Unlimited Course Uploads
  • Standard Support


  • 1,000 Active Users
  • 5 Administrators
  • Unlimited Course Uploads
  • Standard Support


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  • Unlimited Active Users
  • Unlimited Administrators
  • Unlimited Course Uploads
  • Premium Support

*Billed annually
*Pricing may be subject to applicable sales taxes
*There is a one-time configuration fee of $3,000 for Express and Professional tiers.
*Multi-year discounts available upon request.
¹ Additional fees may apply

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Optional Features & Services

Take your LMS to the next level.

Course Builder

Course Builder

Want to build your own courses? Leverage the power of our enterprise-level Course Builder to create immersive, multimedia-rich courses in minutes, not days.

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Course Development

Course Development

Need custom courses? Our instructional design team can help make your training vision a reality by creating top-notch course content geared to meet the specific needs of your audience. Pricing is based on volume of courses.

Learn More

Course Library

Course Library

Want to get your LMS off the ground and running as fast as possible? Choose from a library of pre-made courses on popular training topics for every division of your company. Pricing is based on volume of courses.

Extended Enterprise

Extended Enterprise

Create custom branded micro sites that branch off your core LMS to extend training to your partners, customers, franchisees or sub-brands. With Extended Enterprise, you can unite all your affiliates under one common roof to facilitate deep learning and knowledge sharing.



Want to turn your LMS into a revenue-generating platform? No problem. With our e-commerce add-on you can sell your training content as a subscription or by individual course. Contact us for pricing.



Your LMS is not an island. Make sure it doesn’t become one by connecting with your favorite business tools like Salesforce, WebEx and Zendesk (just to name a few). Want to integrate with something unique? No problem, just ask us. Pricing is based on type of integration. *Express excluded.

Premium Support

Premium Support

For just an extra $350 month you can have a designated customer success representative and phone support in addition to the standard, unlimited email support.

Professional Services Package

Professional Services Package

Need help transitioning your existing LMS to ours? Want extended training on how to optimize the use of your new LMS? Need help pulling reports? With our Professional Services Package you can tap into the knowledge of our eLearning experts to get the most out of your new training platform. Contact us to create a custom plan that works best for you. Pricing based on type of services desired.

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Questions about pricing

What is an active user?

An active user is any user that has registered or logged into the LMS in the past month.

What if I go over my tier plan?

For every additional active user that logs in beyond the subscribed tier plan, an additional monthly fee of $2.50 will be applied. For example, if your organization is subscribed to the Express tier plan and has 510 users log in during the monthly period, an additional fee of $25 will be added to your bill.

What if I want to change my tier plan?

If for any reason your organization decides to change the subscribed tier plan, a one-time conversion fee of $1,500 will be charged plus the difference in monthly fees between your existing tier and the upgraded tier (prorated for the remainder of your contract term). If your organization decides to move to the Enterprise tier and wants customizations, additional design and development fees will apply.

What if I need more administrators?

For every additional administrator entered in beyond the subscribed tier plan, an additional monthly fee of $100 will be applied. For example, if your organization is subscribed to the Express tier plan and had 3 active administrators, an additional fee of $100 will be added to the next bill. This fee will carry over each month until the count of administrators is down to 2.

What does a Branded Interface include?

A Branded Interface allows your organization to upload its logo to the LMS. If you’re interested in further customization, such as modifying text blocks, adding alternate images, adding a background video for the login screen, etc., ask about our Customization add-on, or consider the Enterprise tier.

What is the difference between Standard and Premium Support?

Standard support includes unlimited email support. Premium support includes unlimited email support, phone support and a dedicated customer success representative.

Will you help us get started?

We want to make sure that you feel good about using our LMS from the get-go. That’s why we include five complimentary hours of training for your system administrators with the purchase of our LMS. You’ll also get access to our video tutorials and Knowledge Base that has answers to your most common questions.

The LMS has nice features, but I also need _____.

We’ve got you covered. If you’re looking for a feature that you don’t see listed here there’s a high probability that we’ve already delivered it to a customer and would be more than happy to do it again. Unlike many Learning Management Systems, ours is flexible enough to be customized to your specific business needs. *Customization is eligible for the Enterprise tier only.

Are there multi-year discounts?

Yes! We offer a 5% discount for an 18-month term agreement, a 10% discount for a 24-month agreement, and a 15% discount for a 36+-month term agreement.

Is there a set-up fee?

Yes. The one-time set-up fee for the Express and Professional tiers of our LMS is $3,000. Enterprise set-up fee may vary depending on level of customization requested by the customer.