Small and Medium sized businesses need all the free resources they can get. Luckily, Knowledge Anywhere has compiled a list of the top 10 best free online training resources to use in order to thrive on a budget. We were awarded the Top 10 Best LMS Software for Small and Medium Sized Businesses by SoftwareWorld, and it’s our mission to help train organizations of any size.

SCORM Converter

If you want to take your current training to the next level, there is a instantaneous, convenient way to convert your content into a SCORM-compliant eLearning material: Scormify. Scormify is a SCORM conversion service with the following key features: Scormify has a free trial, so you can test it out before buying. Sign up here! 

  • It meets all SCORM standards so that your content will work in any LMS
  • It offers responsive design so that your e-courses will look their best in any browser or device
  • Allows you to style your courses as you see fit via CSS and SaaS
  • Allows you to upload direct videos, streamed videos, PowerPoints, PDFs, documents, and more
  • Has an interactive quiz tool, so you can add quizzes inside of videos while making them SCORM compliant


Webinar Planning Sheet

Webinars, done effectively, can result in increased revenue, brand awareness, and engagement while establishing your organization as a leader within your industry. However, the logistics and moving parts of virtual events can be challenging to manage and maintain. That’s why we’ve created this free, downloadable Webinar Planning Sheet! Knowledge Anywhere has used this tool to clarify the marketing game plan, set timelines, assign responsibility, and act as a checklist. It may also be helpful to read Do’s and Don’ts For Leading A Webinar That Guarantees Results

Pro tip: If you want to share this with a team of people, and have a live version of the document, import this download into Google Sheets for a shareable, live link that you and your team can access together. You can download Knowledge Anywhere’s Webinar Planning Sheet here to get started. This resource is completely editable, so you can add your organization’s branding, including colors, logos, fonts, or images.


eLearning Definitions Dictionary

There are a lot of industry terms in the eLearning sphere, which can make choosing the right training system confusing for those who have not navigated the space before. That’s why Knowledge Anywhere has created this no-nonsense eLearning definitions dictionary, for you to reference when you need it.


Free Training SWOT Analysis Guide

This free Training SWOT Analysis Guide will help you and your team make decisions on who, what, and how to train employees in your organization. Below are a few things that this guide will teach you: 

  • Who is this analysis for?
  • What is SWOT, and what does it stand for?
  • What is the goal of this activity
  • Potential business areas to question
  • Numbers and statistics about the eLearning industry
  • Your SWOT Analysis sheet

To download your free Training SWOT Analysis Guide, click here.


Training and Development Organizer Spreadsheet

Whether you’re perusing a training platform or just created great course content, this downloadable, virtual Training and Development Organizer Spreadsheet has helped many of our customers keep their training content organized and up to date. You can download Knowledge Anywhere’s Training and Development Organizer Spreadsheet here to get started. This resource is completely editable, so you can add your organization’s branding, including colors, logos, fonts, or images.


Virtual Training Checklist: What Users Should Do Before A Training or Meeting

It’s every host’s nightmare: right before training, scheduled webinar, or meeting, participants start asking the dreaded tech questions. “The link’s not right! How do I use Zoom? Does my camera have to be on?” In order to cut down confusion, late starts, or slow internet speeds, send out this free user checklist to all participants before your virtual event. This will ward off questions, making event planning smoother and clearer, while providing a valuable resource. You can see this checklist below as an image, as a downloadable PDF here, or as an editable template here. This way, you can add your organization’s branding, including colors, logos, fonts, or images.


Flashcard Templates

Whether you’re a learner trying to retain training content or a trainer looking for innovative ways to teach others, this free downloadable, virtual flashcard template can help you. Flashcards are great tools for: 

  • Microlearning
  • Knowledge retention
  • Blended learning
  • Multiple styles of learning - some people learn differently

You can access Knowledge Anywhere Flashcard templates here to get started. This resource is completely editable, so you can add training relevant to your role, as well as your organization’s branding, including colors, logos, fonts, or images. When you go to download your training flashcards, simply download as a PDF, and print them front and back for the question and answers to line up. If you know someone in the training industry or in a Learning and Development field, send this free resource to them – it may help!


QuickQuiz Slack Application

QuickQuiz is an eLearning tool that is accessible on Slack. It allows anyone to create, manage, and deploy quizzes quickly and easily. Now that we’ve summarized the tool, how can you actually, practically use it? Below are just a few real-world examples of how QuickQuiz can fit into your training toolkit. 

  • Test to see if your team was listening after meetings
  • Remind people with a pop quiz
  • Onboard new employees easily

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eBook: Free Online Training Content You Can Use Immediately

While a Learning Management System (LMS) is a great way to access all of your courses in one place, it requires some time and resources to get up and running. The world is going through rapid changes - with workers remote or long distance, it’s best to prioritize quality online training. We can help you get your instructor-led material online, as well as any other content you have, so your audience can see it from anywhere. In this free eBook, we’ll be teaching you how you can start getting your training online today, by showing you best practices so you can get the process going as quickly and painlessly as possible.

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