It is no secret that a large portion of company success is dependent on the abilities of the sales department. The nature of the beast comes down to effectively identifying a need and communicating value to the customer. For the potential client, disinterest can develop when the when their need is not adequately being addressed by what the sales person is offering.

Meeting the Quota

According to Qvidian’s Sales Execution Trends 2015 Report there has been a rise in the inability of corporations to communicate the intricacies of their product, along with its provisions, in a way that will spark consumer interest. According to the report, in 2014 alone the effectiveness of sales communications has decreased nearly 11% throughout the business world.

As many businesses increase their forecasted revenue, it has seemingly left a performance gap that spans across a vast variety of businesses and industries. In an attempt to address the nearly 50% of sales representatives failing to meet quotas—as indicated in Sales Execution Trends 2015 Report—the question has been raised, how does one develop their sales force in captivating manner that will encourage both immediate results and continuous improvement?

Navigating Your Options

While there are a range of approaches managers can take towards sales development, an eLearning sales training program is perhaps one of the most feasible and practical options. Although, it will not meet every encompassing need, it is a powerful and foundational platform that will kick start, what can otherwise be, a cumbersome process.

The Question Remains…

How useful is eLearning when it comes to sales development? Although there are many practical ways it can prove beneficial, here are a few:

1. Assessing employee strengths and weaknesses

Identifying needs for improvement versus where a sales person currently excels can be difficult. Elearning allows a hands-on and directed approach to accurately and systematically identify strengths and weaknesses through a diverse set of subjects and pointed course offerings.

2. Providing a pillar that will aid effective coaching

Training can and should be engaging and fun for those you are trying to develop. Elearning will help you eliminate the yawns while exceeding your expectations for employee competency. It allows you to map and assign learning path while providing an easy solution to tracking improvement.

3. Accessible options for quick and efficient on-the-spot training

Time is always an issue when it comes to training, and sales personnel are perhaps some of the most pressed for it. With the need for a quick, on-the-spot, solution, eLearning allows companies to keep their employees out of the classroom and out in the field through its mobile crash course offerings; accessible to any learner anywhere.

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