Whether you are tech-savvy or an average consumer, this digital age in which we live always gives you a chance to learn new technologies. With the massive growth of technology such as learner analytics, micro-learning, and artificial intelligence, the future holds something great for us! These new learning opportunities seem exciting, but for some people, new technology can be daunting and seem too complex to implement. However, people who take the time to explore and adopt new technologies will often be able to simplify and streamline their work.

This article will discuss the seven tech-driven learning trends that will rule in 2018.

1. Collaborative Social Learning

eLearning has a lot of buzz around it, and for good reason. Organizations are looking forward to utilizing social and collaborative learning to become more productive and efficient in the competitive market. Social and collaborative learning not only provides an opportunity for employees to learn new modules and training courses, but it also offers great flexibility to access them anywhere, anytime. This type of learning process has simplified various tasks like introducing personalized learning plans and earning microdegrees, exchanging ideas and sharing information.

2. Learner Analytics

Evolving technologies are complex and collect a lot of data. This data needs to be collected, analyzed, and learned from so that it can be effectively implemented into our businesses. With learner analytic tool, organizations can prepare reports and analyze data based on learning performances. These reports help organizations to track the learner’s progress and at the same time, promote better learning opportunities. In 2018 organizations will be pushing to use their data to provide an optimized learning experience for their employees and targeted learners.

3. Video Learning and Interactivity

Video learning is already a popular method of dispersing useful information in an interesting way. Most people prefer watching videos rather than reading through lengthy content in order to grasp knowledge and information. In future, companies are expected to take video a step further with more interactive video and even augmented and virtual reality experiences. It is expected that interactive videos will be able to make learners more involved and engaged in their learning endeavors. Instead of simply watching, these advanced video learning lessons will allow their learners to test their knowledge and make their own decisions.

4. Learning Apps

Today, people are highly dependent on their smartphones for everything from work, to entertainment, to being social. Why not turn a smartphone into something useful and give people an opportunity to learn from it? In 2018 we will see more developers designing mobile-friendly learning apps and employee training software. This way, people can learn when and where it is most convenient for them.

5. Micro-Learning

To make learning more effective, organizations need to adopt new learning technologies. Micro-learning is one such technology that helps learners to understand the new concepts by breaking them down into small lessons that keep a learners attention. This way, learners are able to focus more on the topic and grasp the useful information. Instead of providing long lectures, companies are adapting to provide learners with small pieces of content that can be retained easily.

6. E-Learning Software

It is difficult to effectively and consistently train a large workforce. For this reason, most corporations and big organizations are adopting eLearning software solutions to train their employees in a shorter time-span. It not only provides personalized learning but also offers an interactive experience to the learners by means of media and gamification. The best part of using learning software is that it is cloud-based and is accessible from anywhere. Learners can attend training courses from the comfort of their own space. Employers can also assign tasks, analyze the performance of individual learner and make changes as needed.

7. Artificial Learning

AI is one such technology that is fast, quick and responsive in terms of learning and reasoning. Although AI is not yet fully developed, it is expected that it will be used in various industries due to its outstanding benefits. In fact, it will not only aid in researching data about specific subjects but will also come up with valuable conclusions to help improve eLearning lessons and learning efficiency.

The Bottom Line

The above-mentioned tech-learning trends are expected to rule in 2018. These techs-trends will not only help to improve your business but will also allow you to compete with other similar companies. All you need to do is research more about the functionality and maintenance of these technologies and invest in one that you think is the best fit for your organization. So, what are you waiting for? Start researching and get onboard as quickly as possible to build a competitive edge in the global market.

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