​We know our LMS admins have a lot on their plates, and too many emails to count coming into their inbox. Because of this, helpful and important LMS feature updates can go unnoticed.

We want our LMS admins to know what’s new in their LMS so they can get the most out of their elearning system. This is why we have implemented a “New LMS Feature” news feed.

This new news feed will be available in the admin side of the Knowledge Anywhere LMS. Users can conveniently scroll through and see what new features have been recently added, as well as learn about upcoming feature improvements.

To access the news feed, go to your user menu drop-down at the upper left side of your screen and click on the “What’s New” menu link. There will be an option to rate the Beamer post as good, neutral, or not helpful. Please feel free to give us your feedback.

Admins will see this update in their Knowledge Anywhere LMS in October, 2018.

See full list of October LMS updates here.

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