When management says that they want to start using a Learning Management System (LMS), there may be resistance from the training staff. Some people may feel like their job is being taken away by this new LMS, but that is not the case. Effective training can be a combination of in-person and online learning. Read below to see how you can leverage a blend of these two ways of teaching with your new LMS.

eLearning through an LMS is a great addition to classroom learning. Here are some ways to use eLearning to enhance the time spent in the classroom and ensure it is time well spent.

• Preparation before classroom learning:

Have a lecture assigned for learners to complete on the LMS before the classroom time. This could include background information, definitions, or questions to think about before the in-person learning, allowing for richer in-person discussions. Lecturers can do this through documents, PowerPoint slides, or videos.

• Post classroom follow-up:

Instructors can drive their messages and concepts home by following up with learners after a classroom session. This can help highlight important points, as well as helping the learner recall material and think about applications.

• Material during class:

eLearning can be used while in class to shake up a presentation and make it more interactive. After explaining a concept, an instructor may ask the learners to complete an activity on their LMS.

Remember that with an LMS, an instructor can see which learner completed the assigned materials.

eLearning is very useful, but there are still some concepts and learner experiences that are more effective in a classroom. Here are some topics that your company may want to consider keeping in-person.

• Cultural learning and interaction:

Leave the compliance and policy training to be watched or read on the LMS. Use the in-person time to introduce and reinforce your company’s culture to the learner.

• Team building

There is some social learning that can be done through an LMS, but the deeper team and trust building in a company is great to do in-person. If most of the training is moved online, then there will be time to spend on this aspect of training in the classroom. Team building and strong company cultures can significantly reduce employee turnover, saving time and money for the company.

• In-person discussions and questions about the online material

Try using the LMS to introduce concepts and subjects to the learner, then come together for deeper discussions and to answer questions. Although online forums can be used, sometimes it’s just better to get together and discuss.

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