Whether you are the human resources manager of a large hospital or the CIO of a small financial services company, you likely recognize the need for effective compliance training for your employees. Despite the importance of compliance training, many employers dread the compliance training process because the material can be dry and uninteresting to employees. This can lead to failure to complete the training process and poor retention of compliance content among employees. One of the best ways to ensure that employees complete compliance training and retain the covered training information is to make sure that the compliance training process is engaging and exciting. Below is a summary of the primary barriers to the training process and some key measures that your organization can take to energize employees about compliance training.

Identifying Barriers to Effective Employee Compliance Training

When developing or refining an online compliance training program, you should first anticipate potential barriers to the training process. Your training program should then be designed with built-in mechanisms to prevent these obstacles from interfering with your program’s effectiveness. Below are the primary barriers to effective compliance training: 

  • Many employees feel that they do not need to participate in compliance training
  • Employees can feel overwhelmed by the large amount of material to cover
  • Compliance materials are often viewed as uninteresting or dry by employees
  • Some employees stop participating in training before all relevant material is covered

In general, these barriers tend to fall into two general categories: problems related to the completion of training and issues related to the perception that training content is boring or irrelevant. Below are strategies designed to address both of these types of barriers.

Measures to Ensure Employees Complete Their Compliance Training

There is a host of measures that you can take to make sure that your employees follow through with the completion of your entire compliance training program. These strategies should be implemented before, throughout, and after the training process. Below is an overview of these measures and when they should occur: Strategies to undertake at the beginning of the online training process: 

  • Highlight the advantages of online training versus traditional training
  • Provide an estimated length of time during which an employee can complete training
  • Emphasize the ability to complete training at the employee’s location of choice
  • Clearly state training goals and expectations
  • Be sure to outline the risks of failure to comply with industry standards and regulations

Strategies to undertake during the online training process: 

  • Divide compliance training into small, manageable segments
  • Require employees to complete a short online quiz at the end of each segment
  • Check in periodically with employees to make sure that they are participating
  • Periodically link content to real-life examples to which employees can relate

Strategies to undertake at the end of the training process: 

  • Administer a quiz to ensure comprehension of compliance material
  • Solicit feedback from employees about the effectiveness of the program
  • Assess employee satisfaction with the training process
  • Use employee feedback to update your online compliance training program

By remaining involved in the training process from start to finish, you will maintain a solid handle on employee participation until all compliance content is covered. And by using employee feedback to make your online training program more effective, you illustrate your organization’s commitment to continuous quality improvement in the training arena.


Strategies to Make Online Compliance Training More Engaging and Exciting

Just as important as strategies to bolster completion of training materials are the strategies that you take to make your online compliance training program interesting and engaging for employees. Below are five strategies to keep your employees engaged in the online training process: 

  1. Incorporate incentives into your compliance training program. Incentives keep employees interested in the training process and should be offered with the successful completion of training materials. Examples of incentives are gift cards, verbal recognition, or free lunches.
  2. Include photos and short videos in your training program. By using a multi-media online training format, you help avoid the overwhelming “wall of text” that can overwhelm employees. Additionally, photos and videos can help to illustrate relevance to employees.
  3. Offer encouragement to employees as they complete each training segment. By providing periodic encouragement to employees, you bolster their confidence. Additionally, you keep them engaged in the training process, and interested in moving forward to the next collection of materials to learn.
  4. Provide recognition and an award upon completion of the program. Employees who adhere to online training program requirements and complete your program deserve verbal recognition and a certificate of completion or another award for finishing the program.
  5. Incorporate fun activities such as compliance trivia or poster contests into your program. By making the eLearning process fun for employees, you will help generate future interest in the compliance training process.

How a Learning Management System Facilitates Compliance Training

A proven Learning Management System (LMS) offers a variety of features that will facilitate your compliance training. Through the help of a modern user interface, a modern LMS and employee training plan enable you to easily track and manage compliance training. For instance, you can easily track employee logins, generate real-time user reports and export collected training data to Excel for use in quality improvement measures. Additionally, certificates of completion can be earned by employees through your LMS. A compliance training LMS is an excellent all-inclusive training solution designed to meet the needs and demands of compliance-conscious organizations.

Choosing an Industry Expert to Help You Optimize Compliance Training

Enlisting the support of an experienced training optimization company is an excellent way to help your company infuse excitement into your company’s online compliance training program. The professionals with Knowledge Anywhere have the resources and expertise to help you engage your employees in the training process and help maximize retention of information. We look forward to helping you develop your company’s online compliance training program! Schedule a Demo to learn more about how our LMS can optimize compliance training.

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