​Spring is here, but that doesn’t mean you have to keep all your eggs in one basket.

A Learning Management System (LMS) allows for a simple and centralized way to access all of your courses in one place, but that isn’t the only way to train. With so many all-in-one training tools being marketed, we wanted to flip the script to show the merit in keeping your course content in other locations, outside of your LMS.

3 Pros of Keeping Content Separate From Your LMS

1. Instructional Design Management 

Many companies use Instructional Designers to create and update their content and validate content changes. Providing access to an authoring tool rather than a full LMS suite ensures access without worrying that an invalidated change is pushed to your active learner base. By keeping your content separate, you can be certain that content in your LMS is exactly what you want learners to see. Conversely, if you have content that rarely requires updating or layers of review prior to activating, it makes sense to keep your content with a platform that enables you to create and deliver in one location.  

2. Control over the content 

When using a centralized training system, the platform where you hold your content has a lot of power. Sometimes, this can be a great thing, since LMS companies can have years of expertise, customized customer support, or secure sites. However, sometimes keeping all training content in one place can be dangerous. How much do you trust your current provider? If they’ve experienced large data breaches, technological problems, or are slow to respond to your inquiries, it can be scary to place your business and trust in their hands. If you think your corporation is better equipt, hosting training content separately from an LMS could be the right call.  

3. Choice in delivery functionality 

Keeping your delivery separate from your content means you can enhance your content with different functionalities, which are available within different delivery tools. This way, you can shop for the best delivery products, fully knowing what their capabilities are without being dependent on your tech provider’s current system, which may not fit your needs.

Keeping your content separate from your LMS means you are able to quickly and easily update a single source and push to your preferred delivery tool. You can also use that content again quickly and easily and deliver to another tool as needed.


How Knowledge Anywhere Delivers About 50,000 Courses Seamlessly

Why reinvent the wheel? Knowledge Anywhere partners with some of the best training course libraries, including LinkedIn Learning, OpenSesame, ej4, and Knowbly to give our customers access to tens of thousands of pre-built, professionally made courses. Integrations and tools available through our LMS Marketplace.

Our LinkedIn Learning integration allows customers unlimited access to over 16,700 online courses in 7 languages, your Learners can join over 27 million users and 78 Fortune 100 companies that take advantage of the LinkedIn Learning platform. LMS customers can also seamlessly access and import Open Sesame's 30,000+ off-the-shelf online courses available. Through Knowledge Anywhere’s integration with OpenSesame, our customers can easily find quality online training content for any industry on virtually any subject, available in multiple languages and accessible to learners around the world.

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