Leading a cross-departmental training isn't easy. You have to coordinate between multiple teams with differing schedules, differing locations, and differing learning styles. But regardless of these discrepancies, there's some information that needs to be mastered at a company-wide level. 

Having an eLearning platform can help promote cross-departmental training and make it much easier across your entire enterprise. Let's take a closer look at the many ways it can do just that. 

An online platform is versatile no matter where your team is located

With any organization, different departments tend to move to the beat of their own drum. They have disparate meeting schedules and plans for how and when they achieve their own specific missions. While everyone's goals should hopefully align with the company's overarching mission, the method, location, and schedule with which they work towards that mission may differ greatly. 

With a learning management system, you don't have to worry about getting different departments in the same place. You don't even have to worry about getting them to show up virtually at the same time. An LMS gives you the capability to allow different departments to take an eLearning course at their leisure, no matter their different work schedules. 

It's also a great option because often different departments are located in different physical spaces. With an LMS, that's no longer an issue. Now you can have your remote teams logging in to take the same training wherever they are. All you have to do is give them a deadline and let them work it into their own schedules. 

You can tailor departmental training to a specific audience

Your entire company may need to learn and retain the same baseline information. But each department is tailored for a purpose and will need training for different reasons to fulfill their daily responsibilities. For example, HR, accounting, and sales will apply the same information their own separate ways. 

That's why having the capability to create custom courses is so crucial to a better training experience. By creating custom courses, you can tailor similar information to a variety of audiences. You can omit any information one audience doesn't need to do its job while adding in additional items for another audience. 

Your departments may also learn in different ways using different skillsets. Marketing and IT, for example, cannot be expected to learn exactly the same way. To ensure that both groups optimize the way they learn, you can create custom courses to appeal to those diverse employee bases. 

You can achieve SCORM compliance 

If you need your eLearning courses to be shared across departmental, you can do this as well. With Scormify, you can make your eLearning courses SCORM-compliant so that the course can integrate with your LMS. 

You can expose the entire company to a more immersive training experience

Older training modules involve text-based examinations. Some more modernized versions may include audio and video components. While these can be effective for some, teams and individuals with different learning styles may succeed or suffer depending on the type of training you opt for. This can prove problematic when you're leading a training meant for the entire company. 

But with state-of-the-art training modules that incorporate next-generation technology such as Virtual Reality (VR), you can create new, immersive learning experiences for your employees that appeals to a wider group of individuals. You'll leave all employees - no matter the department - feeling as if they're actually there as they go through their training.

VR training goes a step beyond reciting memorized data. It allows them to walk in the footsteps of your company's ideal team member, helping them visualize what a high performer looks like. This is something all of your departments can benefit from, as it aligns multiple sectors of your business to understand the core mission they're all charged with accomplishing. 

Integrate your training into existing Slack channels 

Some (or many) of your departments may communicate using Slack - the handy tool meant to promote departmental collaboration. Incorporate your cross-departmental training into those various Slack channels to make training even more convenient for your team! Take QuickQuiz, which allows you to create and send small quizzes into your organization's different Slack channels. This fast process enables lightning-quick small tests, designed to test employee knowledge. This speeds up the amount of time it takes to disseminate your eLearning and helps you tweak and improve it for future iterations. 


Coordinating cross-departmental training is never easy. But it can be simplified with the right eLearning platforms and tools. By making the learning process easier and more enjoyable. Using these mechanisms, you can increase the likelihood that they'll retain the information by teaching them in a fun, convenient way that can be applied across all your teams. 

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