Getting approval for an LMS can be a challenging process. There are so many tools and technologies out there that managers can be wary of approving yet another tool for your organization.

The video above gives you three valuable strategies for successfully gaining approval to move forward with implementing an LMS into your organization.

The video starts by suggesting not to use the acronym, “LMS” when discussing the software with your higher-ups. Instead, use more recognizable terms, like “training software,” “learning software,” or even the full name of “learning management system.” The second tactic is to collect as much data as possible on the effectiveness of your organization’s current training and development program, as well as fully understanding LMS software and what it can do to improve your organization. The third strategy covered in the video is being able to communicate specific benefits an LMS can have on an organization. We highlight five of the most commonly shared benefits companies see while using a learning management system.  

Watch the video above to get a full picture of the three strategies to use to get approval for an LMS. 

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