When a sales team knows their product offerings inside and out, potential customers can tell. The better your sales team knows your products, the more effectively they can recommend the items and services that will work best for your customers. They can better answer questions about the products and develop a customer’s confidence in the company and in the product.

This article explains how establishing an online product training program is an efficient and effective way to create and maintain a sharp, talented sales team.

Why Spend The Resources To Move Sales Training Online?

Put simply, because of: Flexibility, efficiency and effectiveness.


Online training gives a businesses the opportunity to easily construct and tailor a sales training program for a particular person or group of people. Moving training online also opens up the opportunity for blended learning. People learn in different ways, exclusively learning from a classroom setting or online might not work for everyone. Having a blend of learning mediums such as, some training done through video, some through a slideshow, other training done in person, will help drive home the training for different people. Flexibility is also introduced with online learning through the opportunity to learn from anywhere with internet, any time.


Having in-person training can be great for some topics, but most of the presentations would be just as effective if they were recorded and put online. That would also free up the instructor to make new training curriculum, or improve the current one. Documents that need to be distributed to every employee can be kept in one, easily-accessible place for learners. Online training also provide in-the-moment training when a sales person is on a call and needs an immediate answer to a product question.


As stated above, not all learners internalize knowledge the same. In addition to the way they receive knowledge, consistency is also very important. Learners should not be expected to remember everything they are taught when they see it one time. With in-person learning, it would be hard to revisit a topic. With online learning, it is easy to reassign learning after a certain amount of time, or make a series of videos, spaced out over a period of time to ensure a concept is learned.

Key Advantages That Online Product Training Offer Your Employees And Administrators

Online product and services training can offer employees a number of key advantages, that can be passed on to customers. Consider these key benefits:

  • Easily spread announcements about—and a better understanding of—new products as they are released.
  • Ensure consistent messaging across sales channels that will enable customers to receive the same experience no matter how they choose to interact with your company.
  • Decreasing the need for calls to support personnel, since employees have the answers themselves and know exactly who to call when they have questions or concerns.
  • Increased understanding of products, how they work, and what their shortcomings are in order to make it easier to answer key customer questions.

When your employees know more about the products they’re selling, they’re able to pass that knowledge on to the customers they’re working with—and that means more satisfied customers who are more likely to turn to your company for their purchasing needs.

Solid product training can help boost sales by 45-50% or more for one simple reason: employees who know what they’re selling are in a better position to help customers find the product they’re looking for. Firms that use this strategy will be more likely to see sales teams that are able to regularly meet their quotas, ultimately leading to more satisfied customers.

Online Training: The Key to Product Training Success

Online training offers a number of key advantages, here are some things to keep in mind when you are building an online sales training program.

Open Communication:

Keep open communication with your sales representatives. What do they like and dislike about their current training procedures? What do they want more training on? This will ensure that you are putting resources in the right place and are continuing to move your training program forward.

Getting The Content Right:

Content is a huge part of starting up a new online training program. Take the time to think about the content you will be requiring for your sales team and try to make it as engaging as possible. Not every training concept can be exciting, for those topics, try to make it as short as possible.


Micro-learning is the concept of splitting training up in to manageable, bite-sized pieces. The introduction of the internet into our daily lives has shortened peoples’ attention spans. Be attentive to current trends in training and try to split up your content into smaller modules.

Interactive Training Scenarios:

Something that we have found to be extremely effective is interactive training scenarios for training sales teams. For example, an administrator will make a video of a customer scenario. The sales person will watch the video and record how they would respond to this person. This form of online training introduces an engaging, effective form of learning that allows sales people the chance to practice in a fairly real scenario. Then the administrators can watch the response and give feedback, improving their skills.

Implementing an online product training system is one of the most effective ways to increase salesperson knowledge and, therefore, increase your overall sales. If you are looking to build an online training program for your sales team, Knowledge Anywhere can help you achieve your goals.

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