To answer questions quickly or tackle tough tasks, employees cannot only rely on traditional training methods. Learners need to have the resources and support to solve problems quickly and effectively.

With just-in-time training, learners can face new problems and solve them instantly due to the accessible and relevant information this type of training provides.

What is just-in-time training?

Just-in-time training is the concept of supporting employees by providing avenues for immediate learning, allowing them to acquire the knowledge they need, when they need to know it.

“A lag between learning and application causes a loss of knowledge and skill.” - Shift Learning

With the advancement of technology, we are now using just-in-time training in everyday life. Through tools like Google and social media, we are able to instantly gather and learn new information at the tips of our fingers.

Benefits of just-in-time training

Just-in-time learning comes with a host of benefits, including:

  1. Saves time With up-to-date information that is easily accessible, learners perform their job duties faster and more accurately, leading to fewer mistakes.
  2. Accessible training With just-in-time training, your are offering your modern learners the “moment of need” support they require, allowing them to refresh their knowledge and skill sets whenever from wherever.
  3. Increased engagement Just-in-time training produces confident and engaged learners because with instant access to the information they need, employees will have the ability to solve their problems quickly and easily.

Since just-in-time training is currently being used everyday, the modern learners expects this type of learning to translate over into the workplace. Thus, it is important to meet those expectations by implementing just-in-time training into your eLearning program.

How to implement just-in-time training

When implementing just-in-time training, there are three important aspects that make it effective and successful for learners.

1. A library of short-form content

Just-in-time training is effective when the content is short, informative, and to the point.

Short-form content is often called microlearning. This type of learning is perfect for when a salesperson is about to conduct a demo call and they need a refresher on a product’s function. Or when a prospect is on the phone and the reps are asked a question they don’t know the answer to.

2. Online Platform

Even the best content won’t help your learners if they can’t find it when they need it.

Businesses need an organized and easily accessible library of content for learners to use when they encounter a gap in their product knowledge, allowing them to fill it quickly and with minimal effort.

There are many online platforms which can store an organized library of content for your business. One popular tool is aLearning Management System. This tool can be used to store just-in-time content, as well as all of the training materials needed for employees.

3. Spreading the word

Take the time to thoroughly communicate to employeesabout the platform and the value it will bring to them in their daily jobs. Additionally, make sure learners feel completely comfortable using the platform by providing them with resources, onboarding, and support contacts.

Implementing just-in-time training helps employees learn and retain the information needed to increase productivity and produce greater results. Start incorporating just-in-time training to build an engaged and well-equipped workforce that will succeed.  

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