​We’ve added a lot of new and exciting features to our Administrator Learning Management System recently! Keep up with our updates in this article, as well as our ongoing Announcements and Releases section within our Support Center, or through the Bell on the top righthandside of the menu on your LMS.

Badges Report

See a report of all badges, with date, name, courses, and badges filters. Found under Administrator LMS - Reports - Badges Report.
Badges gif

New Image Cropper

New Administrator access to crop images on our LMS, ensuring easy photo cropping, with the ability to preview! Found under Administrator LMS - Site - Personalization.
image cropper gif

Create A Custom Course Field

Administrative option to create a customized course field, with the option to add to certificates and courses. Found under Administrator LMS - Site - Custom Course Fields.
Custom Course Feild gif

New Formatted & Customizable Email

Beautiful and customizable email formatting for new user registration, auto-filled with your company’s logo, your name, new user’s name, and option to “revert to default.” Found under Administrator LMS - Site - Notifications.

Customizable Email gif

Users - Uploading External Completions

Coming soon, users can download and edit their user achievements, and can upload external completions on their own lifetime leaning record. Located on the bottom of the User Achievement page.

Drag and Drop Group Sets

Coming soon, you can now order the group sets by dragging and dropping them in the order that you’d like! This option will be available under Admin - Users - Groups.

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