​We’ve added a lot of new and exciting features to our Learning Management System recently! Since our releases are done in waves, if you are a Knowledge Anywhere customer and do not yet see these changes in your LMS, don't worry! They are coming soon. Keep up with our updates in this article, as well as our ongoing Announcements and Releases section within our Support Center.

Dashboard Updates

  • Admin ability to filter data by group and by site
  • World map
  • Added KPI’s, including learner count for instructor lead courses and popular courses
  • Ability to reset/restore original dashboard
  • Ability to add panels and rearrange

Setting Up Saved Reports - Update

Allows Admins to add course sets and groups, without blanking the rest of the form. This feature also permits Admins to edit a saved report without running it first. Located under Reports – Saved Reports.

Mark Users Complete

Super Admins now have the ability to set courses as complete, change the score, as well as the start and end dates. Located under Content – Mark Users Compete.

User Bulk Upload Improvement

Originally, the template was a flat file, but now it has the ability to show custom fields. Located under Users – Import Users.

SAML Settings Improvement

Bug fixes to help onboard customers that have Single Sign Ons (SSO). Locate under Site – SAML Settings.

Admin Control Over External Completions

Admins can enable or disable learners ability to upload External Completions via toggle Located under Admin LMS - Site – Personalization – Other.

Distinguish Learner vs. Admin Transcript Upload

Distinguish Learners versus Administrator transcript upload, so Admins can tell who uploaded the training content. Located under Admin LMS – Users – Manage Users – Transcript – External Completions.

Formatted Email Translations

Formatted email notifications are now available in the following translated languages, as long as your LMS already supports them: German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional). Located in Site - Notifications.

Enhanced Quiz Detail Design

Quiz details visible with enhanced design for easy navigation. Admins can now see which answers their learners are getting correct and incorrect! Located under Admin LMS - Reports - Quiz Details.

Customize Social Media Links

Admins can now designate social media button links to your own organization’s pages, down to the microsite level. Located in Admin – Site – Personalization – Options.

Customize Site Messaging

Customize site messaging, with a modified version of HTML and ability to insert links. Ability to personalize by site, microsite, and group, so you can choose who receives the message. Located in Admin - Site - Site messaging.

Added “Date Submitted” Field

Added a “Date Submitted” field, so Admins can sort by date. A client-requested feature, great for self-learning systems and keeping track of all documents! Located in Admin – Content – Documents.

Search Users By Administrative Roles

Admins can now search users by Administrative roles. Located in Admin LMS - Users - Manage Users.

Course Report, New Multi-Select Drop Down

As part of a client-requested feature, we’ve changed course status from single select drop down to multi-select options. Located in Admin LMS - Reports - Course Details.

Knowledge Mark (xAPI)

Users can now put any external site info into their transcripts with Knowledge Mark - simply drag and drop into your bookmarks, find the external site you wish to upload, and click the Knowledge Mark bookmark! It will automatically download in the user’s LMS. Located in the user drop down menu, top right hand side of the LMS screen.

Admins Can Approve User Comments

Found under Administrator LMS - Content - Comments. Also will show up as a pop-up toaster reminder in the top right hand corner of the screen upon first log-in.

Saved Reports

Admins can now run or edit reports, without executing them, with the added option to tweak and save as a new report, instead of overriding your old one.

Admin Course Character Counter & Visibility Settings

New automatic character counter and option to add information on the course and/or a certificate. Located in Content - Courses.

Image Editor: Easily Darken or Lighten Images

Admins will be able to darken or lighten their pictures within the LMS! Located in Site - Personalization - Images.

Admins Can Now Directly Assign Courses To A User

Located under Users – Manage Users - Transcript – Directed Learning. From there, choose a course and assign!

Drag & Drop Group Sets

You can now order the group sets by dragging and dropping them in the order that you’d like! Located under Admin - Users - Groups.

Ability to search group names in the Groups page

Admins can now search for groups in the Groups page. Located under Admin LMS – Users – Groups.

Users can now share their course completions on LinkedIn!

Located under User LMS – Transcript. Admins simply enable this feature by configuring their Personalization options.

Basic HTML Features

Admins can now use basic HTML when personalizing their LMS. Located under Admin LMS – Site – Personalization – Text.

Users Can Upload External Completions

Coming soon, users can download and edit their user achievements, and can upload external completions on their own lifetime learning record. Located on the bottom of the User Achievement page.

Personalize LMS Homepage Text

Admins will be able to easily edit text, which users will see on their LMS homepage. Located in Site - Personalization - Text.

Toggle Abilities for Admins

Admins will have the ability to change the settings, so they can easily toggle optional or mandatory fields. Located in Site - Personalization - Fields.

New Content Tools Directly in Admin LMS

Access to Knowbly, our course authoring partner (includes a free demo, trial, and discount for Knowledge Anywhere users) and Scormify, an instantaneous SCORM conversion tool. Located in Admin - Content - Content Tools.

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