​We’ve added a lot of new and exciting features to our Learning Management System recently! Keep up with our updates in this article, as well as our ongoing Announcements and Releases section within our Support Center.

New Badges Page

New Badges page for learners, with heightened features! With this page, learners can see which badges they have completed, which are available to them. Clicking on the badge itself will expose a list below, with all of the courses they can take to complete that badge.

Located in the User LMS - Achievements - Badges

New Benchmark Page

New Benchmark page for learners, which allows learners to compare their training progress to other learners in the system, including the best learner, the average learner, and their group(s).

Located in the User LMS - Achievements - Benchmark

Improved User Menu

In the learner side of the LMS, we’ve updated the menu for a friendlier navigation and streamlined design! The menu now has all icons, as well as rollover text, which learners can see when they scroll their mouse over the icons.

Download Transcripts as a PDF

Coming soon, learners will have the option to instantaneously download transcripts as a PDF, by pressing a download button in their “Transcripts” page.

Course Set Auto-Select Dropdown Menu

Admins can now type in a few letters into a course set dropdown menu and the appropriate course sets will automatically fill in, for a more seamless experience.

Located under Administrator LMS - Content – Course Sets - Assign Courses - Add/Remove Courses.

Certificate Upload Preview

Admins can now see a thumbnail preview of their certificate backgrounds when editing a course. To view this, click the “Edit Certificate” button on the Course Editing page. Then select your desired certificate background in the popup window.

Located under Admin LMS – Content – Courses

Restricted Group Admin

A new role has been added to the LMS! Now Super Admins have the ability to restrict the visibility of a Group Admin with our new Restricted Group Admin Role. To do this, go into the account of a Group Admin, and check the box for “Restricted Group Admin”. Once that box is checked, the next time that Group Admin logs in, they will only be able to see content and areas of the LMS pertaining to their group only.

Content Upload Process Enhancement

Add new courses more efficiently than ever with our new file upload enhancement. Now, when an admin is creating a new Online course, once the course edit page has been filled out, just click “Save & Continue” to be taken directly to the file upload screen.

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