We’ve added a lot of new and exciting features to our Learning Management System this summer! Keep up with our updates in this article, as well as our ongoing Announcements and Releases section within our Support Center.

Password Strength Meter

Users now have a password strength meter to check the security strength of the new passwords they create.

Site Message Images

Admins can now add images to their site messages! Personalized toaster messages. Added ability to add image, and customize text formatting. Located under Admin LMS – Site – Site Messaging.

Customized Certificates

Shows list of certificates completed, and for each, it will show course usage, status (active, inactive, in progress). Can also show what the certificate will look like, and will allow you to adjust and customize (color, font, size, centered/justified text, add background images, etc.). Located under LMS Admin – Content - Certificates.

“Copy Link” button added to documents

Administrators can now easily link documents for learners by using the “Copy Link” button. This link can be inserted in various places within the LMS including course descriptions, site messages, and homepage text. Once a user clicks on the link a new tab will open and the link will automatically download to their device.

Edit Agreement for Terms & Conditions

Ability to edit agreement for Terms and Conditions or FAQ. Located under Admin LMS – Site – Manage Content.

Quiz Report Improvement - Processing and Filters

Adjusted and improved processing, and can now filter by a specific course. You will also be able to see differences of quiz results over time, to see if people are answering the versions more or less accurately. Located under LMS Admin – Reports – Course Reports - Quiz Details.

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