Over the last year, QuickQuiz has been providing a fast, easy way for organizations to create quizzes and test employee knowledge in Slack.

This week, QuickQuiz released an updated version of the app with additional tiers and new features.

Users can now choose from 3 plans, Basic, Premium and Pro, and enjoy additional command features like, Due Dates and Individual Question Results.

  • Basic plan is free with 1 Quiz Author and a limited feature set.
  • Premium plan is $9 per month with 5 Quiz Authors and an advanced feature set.
  • Pro plan is $14 per month with unlimited Quiz Authors and an advanced feature set.

QuickQuiz can be utilized across a wide range of industries as an elearning tool, allowing administrators to quickly understanding employee knowledge retention.

Businesses can use QuickQuiz in their workplace as a training tool by sending out a piece of learning material to the user, followed by a QuickQuiz to assess retention.

Key business benefits of QuickQuiz include:

  • Promoting learning in the day-to-day workflow of Slack
  • Increase employee engagement with unique micro-learning opportunities
  • Speed up employee learning and employer feedback

Add QuickQuiz to your team’s Slack workspace today!

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