Building capable, effective leaders who engage the culture of your workforce to drive innovation and improved performance is likely high on your priority list. While there is not one out-of-the-box solution that will strengthen your leadership pipeline, a blended leadership development strategy that includes eLearning can help you build leaders within all levels of your organization.

While the tendency for leadership development is to identify a select few employees with potential and provide coaching for those individuals, which can be effective at developing a specific group of people, this approach does not promote a culture of leadership development in your organization. Leaders come from all levels of an organization, and oftentimes they come from mid-level or first-level employees who work in the front lines with the customer. Overlooked from time to time, these employees have high leadership potential, as they have a wealth of experience and knowledge of what the customer wants and expects.

When accompanied by coaching and mentorship initiatives, online leadership training can help provide a framework for the exchange of valuable knowledge on important topics to a wide audience. While it may not be feasible to deliver consistent coaching and mentoring to all potential leaders across the organizations, it is possible to provide a larger audience with a baseline of organization-specific knowledge pertaining to leadership development with eLearning.

eLearning is an effective medium for the transfer of knowledge surrounding the following topics:

Company Story

A shared understanding of where the company has been, where it is now and where leadership sees it going in the future is important for employees, especially those with the potential for future leadership positions, to have. Employees with a broad grasp of what has shaped the company’s culture, of what is important to the company as a whole and of what goals leadership has for the future, are more prepared to lead people, processes and product/service development for a future that aligns with organizational goals.

Product/Service Knowledge

Knowledge about new and existing products and services will help all employees, regardless of their department or job function, become more well-rounded members of your organization. Employees who have a good understanding of the company’s offerings will be better positioned to execute business strategies and lead future innovation efforts—making them more effective and valuable leaders.

Communication Skills

Effective communication walks hand in hand with effective leadership, and employees who have good communication skills as well as the ability to motivate and encourage others to succeed will be in a better position to unite their forces towards improved performance for the company.

There are an array of off-the-shelf courses that can be leveraged to equip employees of all levels with a baseline of techniques on how to mitigate communication barriers, improve their communication style and how to build others. Or, organizations can create their own communication courses and deploy them to potential leaders.

By itself, eLearning will not fill your leadership pipeline, but it can equip a wide audience with the tools to be better positioned for success in a leadership role. When complemented with mentorship and coaching, eLearning can help provide background information and reinforcement for the development of necessary leadership knowledge and behavioral attributes.

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