Why You Should Be Excited About Mobile Learning

It’s no secret that the use of portable technology has become a preferred medium for learners to access information. Mobile devices have opened the lines of fast, seamless communication between users over vast geographic distances, and have made the availability of information instant. As a result, jobs have become increasingly more mobile—introducing an opportunity to improve performance support through the use of mobile learning.

Mobile Learning Provides At-Hand Training

Traditional eLearning is great for employees who often work at the desktop, but for many who spend time away from their desks mobile learning opens up a new channel to satisfy their on-the-go learning needs. Mobile Learning is a flexible solution that allows learners to meet their training requirements no matter where they are. It also provides an opportunity for at-hand training where learners can quickly access information when presented with an unfamiliar situation or when they need to review a procedure. Our customer, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics, uses mobile learning to provide its point-of-care professionals with just-in-time performance support through brief, instructional video segments through Siemens POCkit™.

A Few Ways You Can Use Mobile Learning to Optimize Your Training Initiatives

Reach Your Learners Wherever They Are

Our team of eLearning professionals will help your organization extend your training initiatives beyond the cubicle, and allow you to provide just-in-time performance support to your learners no matter their time or location.

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