There are so many reasons a Learning Management System (LMS) can help your organization by serving as a portal for eLearning. However, there is an often overlooked function; it can reinforce your company’s brand.

What is your brand and why is it important?

At its core, your brand is what you do, your company values, your audience, and how you communicate with the world. All these components combined are what define how your audience (customers, employees, stakeholders) experiences and engages with your organization. Your brand is much more than it’s looks, but it may be externally reflected in how you look across all your platforms, which may include a logo, colors, and specific symbols or signs that represent your company and the work that you do.

The different materials you develop for your brand should reverberate across every platform your company is present on. For example, your website and social media profiles should share color schemes, content types, and designs. So why should the same not be true for your internal strategy? You want to maintain a consistent look and feel across both your company’s online and physical presence.

Why should you opt for a personalized LMS?

Your brand should be reflected via your LMS platform. If your team - or any external partners - use your LMS to conduct eLearning, you’ll want them to feel as if that education is a part of their experience working with you. This is particularly important if you offer training across departments within your organization.

Think of your online training platform as an extension of your brand and your company. It sends a very clear message to any users you send to your LMS. This training is a part of the larger experience of working for or with your company and it creates the perception that your company is organized and has all its materials aligned.

It also perpetuates your current marketing strategy and re-reminds users of your brand. Let’s say, for example, part of an eLearner’s role is sending emails to customers. They are more likely to remember your company’s unified and defined tone of voice, fonts, logos, and colors if they see it on a day-to-day basis, across all channels within your organization.

Internal branding guidelines gives you an opportunity to develop content that’s infused with the intangible elements of your brand - your mission, values, and main company objectives. This allows you to explain how the various aspects of the training are integrated with these elements.

Why customers want your LMS to be branded

A branded LMS emphasizes consistency on the platform. Visually speaking, it creates a unified look for the material and serves as a constant reminder not only of why your users are there, but the purpose of their partner training.

As an added benefit, personalization makes the training feel like less “cookie-cutter.” Your audience may have taken similar pieces of training with other companies on similar topics in the past. Customizing your LMS helps you stand out and differentiate the knowledge you’re trying to pass on to your users. It gives the training a unique and distinctive flavoring, enabling users to escape the monotony they face from other LMS training they’ve experienced in the past.


How your LMS can reflect your brand

1. Your company’s colors 

This is one of the simplest ways you can integrate your brand into your LMS. Every company has a few signature colors that customers associate with their brand. Using your company’s colors gives a consistent feel to the experience that reminds the user of one of the key visual elements of your company’s brand.  

2. Your logo 

Having your company logo as a part of your training serves as a reminder to the user what company they’re working with at the moment. It can be subtle - a logo in a header or at the beginning or end of the training course. But having it included somewhere is critical for increased brand recognition. 

3. Your mission and values 

Your actual training content can also allude to your brand’s mission statement and your company’s values. Whatever purpose your training has, it ties back to your organization’s overarching goals in one way or another. Make sure you clearly outline how that is in the content itself.

There are multiple ways you can incorporate your branding into your LMS to make it a personalized eLearning experience. The above options are simply how your LMS can show your brand. Below are just some of the ways that Knowledge Anywhere can incorporate your company’s colors, logo, and values into our learning platform:

  • Personalized email formatting
  • Personalized badges, with customized naming
  • Image placement, cropping, and color edits
  • Homepage personalization (logos, colors, messaging, etc.)

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