Charlie Gillette, CEO of Knowledge Anywhere, a 20-year-old learning management system company, discusses the top strategies for getting managers to invest in an LMS.

The top 5 ways to convince your boss to invest in an LMS are:

  • Collect data on your current situation.

Find the objective pain points in your organization and collect as much information and data about it as you can. High turn-over? Low sales numbers? Find out why.

  • Understand exactly how the LMS will help.

Once you understand the company’s pain points. Learn as much as possible about how the LMS will help improve the problem. High turn-over? An LMS can reduce turnover because it helps with _____,_____ and _____. Low sales numbers? An LMS will help us improve our product and customer relations training, increasing _____,_____ and _____.

  • Find data on how the LMS is expected to help.

As much as possible, add to your argument with objective data on what you are losing money on now, and how the investment in a new learning management system will help to reduce those costs and improve others. Find case studies online or ask vendors from them. Find data on how much average companies gain with an LMS.

  • Don’t use the word LMS.

Executives and managers get pitches all the time to use some new software or another. Using an acronym like LMS can be confusing and easily dismissed. Using a more applicable, clear term is better. Try calling it a training platform, training software, or even the full name of the acronym, learning management system.

  • Know the full cost.

Take the time to do some research on the cost of the new system. Take into account predictions for future increases in use. Also include estimates of cost associated with system administration, content creation and other costs that happen outside of the actual LMS.

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