​Knowledge Anywhere doesn’t just provide courses and platforms - we like to be involved with multiple levels of eLearning! One great microlearning tool we’ve created is our Slack app, QuickQuiz. With QuickQuiz, you can easily create and distribute quizzes to members of your team via Slack. Lately, we’ve been making some major improvements! Check out our latest changes below.

Mobile Input Improvements

We’ve changed our coding to ensure that you can easily use quizzes the same way on a phone as on a computer.

Channel/User Assignments Revamp

A more explanatory walk-through for quiz admins.

Stability Improvements

Better connections, leading to less dropped quizzes and potential duplicates.

Enhanced Workflow

  • /quiz stop, for learners who’d like to start a different quiz
  • Adding number of quizzes to results and channel assignments
  • interactive text, such as /quiz start “Quiz Name”
Stay tuned to see what we do next!

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