Learning Management Systems (LMS) are often helpful for staff training and career development. However, fewer are aware that eLearning tools can prove beneficial in your recruitment efforts, helping you choose the right person for new roles, and speeding up the onboarding process before it even begins. 

Why Use an LMS During Recruitment? 

Online learning platforms are valuable training tools for current employees in the organization. If you introduce LMS as part of the onboarding process, it will update the candidates with the company’s rules and policies. As an employer, you can include in the LMS the things you’re looking for in a new employee, including: 

  • Required skills
  • Relevant experience
  • Job description and criteria

With a tried and tested system in place, your HR team will be able to evaluate and select the suitable ones quickly from a large number of candidates. With the answers provided by the applicants within the LMS, your team can quickly see which candidates have the appropriate skills and expertise for the position. This means you’ll have the means to consider a potential hire’s performance before such an individual comes for an interview. An excellent online training system should enable you to track and monitor the following:Course completions 

  • Course hours completed
  • Time spent per course
  • Geo-location of users
  • Certificate or badges reports
  • Popularity of learning materials
  • Amount of users
  • Inactive vs. active users
  • New users
  • Due dates for courses

For a more comprehensive look about how to correctly track and evaluate your LMS data, try Knowledge Anywhere’s free eBook, Make The Most of Your LMS Data.

Using an LMS During Job Interviews

A training platform combined with relevant content and simulations is an amazing and underutilized method for pre-assessing candidates and selecting the best individuals, while preemptively familiarizing them with a learning platform they will be using for training, if hired. During the hiring process, some large corporations have hundreds or even thousands of applicants. This can cost HR reps time and resources to sort through. In the first few stages of interviews, companies can use online training to narrow focus and save time and money. Experts often reference that roleplaying or online simulations can accurately reflect real-world situations. That makes them ideal recruitment tools, since you can test the practical knowledge and experience of a candidate without wasting recruitment time with an in-person trainer or recruiter. You can also evaluate their comfort with a training platform, before they use it as an employee. The simulations can be specifically designed to discover a potential candidate’s knowledge about the job offer and requirements. With custom course development, you can use the training simulation to ensure the potential hire possesses the know-how required for the job, such as industry knowledge and specific, relevant skills. Here are a few ways your LMS can be used during a job interview process: 

  • Evaluating technical skills, such as language requirements, programming, or industry-specific compliance standards.
  • Have the candidates answer questions and submit through the digital platform.
  • Create various scenarios for testing skills, including communications or decision making.

Can an LMS Improve Recruitment SEO?

Online recruitment strategies are highly reliant on search engine optimization. According to Recruitment Traffic, you’re likely to compete with other organizations in obtaining the best candidates. Since most of your potential hires are using Google to find jobs, it’s imperative that your company ranks high on the search engines. Your LMS can help you achieve an edge in the rankings.

Save Time and Effort Onboarding

After selecting the likely candidates, you can use your eLearning platform for onboarding. This will help them go through the induction and orientation process much more quickly. Besides an LMS, another eLearning tool you can use during recruitment and onboarding is QuickQuiz! This microlearning Slack application can evaluate serious candidates, with questions about how they would approach situations, company histories and policies, or use it to automate boring but necessary legal questions, such as citizenship, work permits, necessary certifications, or mandatory language requirements. This tool can also be used during onboarding, when new hires need to learn and retain new information quickly.

Online Training IQ

Your online training IQ is more important than ever. Studies show 75% of hiring managers are more likely to accept and hire applicants with an online education, compared to pre-2020. Covid-19 has made organizations rethink the way that we work, and traditional, face-to-face classes have been replaced with video calls and meetings. Even hiring is now being conducted remotely. It’s the new normal, meaning both employers and employees must adapt to the new digital practice. Meanwhile, hiring managers notice many valued traits in employees who invest in online learning to advance their careers. These include: 

  • Working independently
  • Familiarity with technology and online platforms
  • Can stay on task
  • Able to learn at their own pace or timeline
  • More autonomous in their actions
  • Better technical and problem-solving skills

Quickly Establish Your Organization Values Learning

One advantage of eLearning is that you can continue to gain more knowledge and skills. Employees will also have the flexibility to work around their schedules. Those who continue to pursue online education are more likely to enjoy the following: 

  • Better job offers or promotion
  • Pay rise
  • Leadership positions
  • More responsibilities

With these advantages, it pays for companies to encourage their employees to pursue online education. Better still, employers should have an LMS that can provide their people with the education and technical skills needed by the organization. This proves to employees that their skills and career progression is important to you, and workers can be grateful for these values upon learning the Top 7 Ways Employees Can Benefit From Corporate Training.


Learning Management Systems are now being used by many companies in their recruitment drive. This online platform can help streamline your recruitment, interview, assessment, and onboarding process. Once you obtain the best hires, you can encourage them to engage in online learning using smart technology. This will enable them to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to excel in their role, while advancing their career. If your organization doesn’t have an online education platform, it’s time to start investing in one. Reach out to an eLearning expert for free today!

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