The most effective sales training programs couple eLearning with coaching.

Effective online sales training can boost revenue and motivate employees. Increasingly, companies use ongoing sales training courses because they are cost effective training solutions. Well-designed courses transfer the knowledge employees need, but even the best courses cannot combat the tendency for learning to fade over time.

Organizations can make sales training solutions more effective by supplementing a learning management system with personalized coaching. Ongoing, individual sales coaching helps employees use the knowledge they learn to create long-term changes in behavior that increase sales.

eCourse Training

Sales training solutions must target sales processes and methods, product knowledge, customer interactions and sales motivation. During the training, employees receive an overview of the new methods being introduced and details on how to use the methods in the field.

Educating employees on effective sales strategies is important, but sales training courses alone cannot do the whole job. Employees may leave eCourse training with working knowledge of the new strategies, but still not change the behaviors to take advantage of the new knowledge. This can happen because of individual employee stumbling blocks such as difficulty with comfort zones, unaddressed fears or poor organizational skills. Such problems can be overcome using effective coaching combined with eCourse learning to help employees overcome their blocks and put the knowledge into practice.

For employees without these blocks, training changes behavior for a few weeks or months, but often fades without effective coaching. Mentorship is needed to make the knowledge an ongoing part of the sales process.

Personalized Coaching

According to research, effective sales coaching can increase sales by 19%. Organizations can find effective coaching from within the organization or from outside sources. Find sales coaches within your organization by taking top performers and turning them into training representatives. Typically, a district sales manager makes the ideal coach for your salespeople.

Of course, taking a top performer’s time away from sales to coach other salespeople can have a negative effect on sales numbers. For this reason, some firms prefer to hire outside consultants to provide personalized coaching in the sales team.

Personalized coaching is an ongoing process. The coach must hold sales representatives accountable for implementing the training provided. This can mean tagging along on sales meetings to observe a sale in action. If the sales representative’s personal stumbling blocks are interfering with sales, the coach works with the representative to overcome them. The coach also periodically checks in with the sales representative to make sure the training is being implemented.

Combining Sales Training Courses and Coaching

Online sales training is a fantastic way to kick off sales training, motivating employees and helping them hone their sales techniques. Individualized coaching takes learning a step further by helping employees to overcome stumbling blocks that hinder sales while keeping employees accountable for implementing what they learn in training.

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