A robust training program is the cornerstone of success for a franchise. Failure to devote sufficient attention to training franchisees can result in sub-par franchise performance, a lack of consistency among franchise operations, and poor brand loyalty among both franchisees and consumers. A well-designed online hospitality course is the key to avoiding these franchise pitfalls and succeeding in an increasingly competitive business environment.

Best Practices for Training Franchisees

Developing best practices for training franchisees requires awareness of the key challenges with franchisee training and a commitment to addressing these issues through the development of an effective training program. A Learning Management System (LMS) serves as the centerpiece of a well-organized franchise training program. In addition to offering flexible opportunities for ongoing learning, an LMS helps to build consistency among franchisees while fostering brand loyalty.

Key Challenges to Franchisee Training

Training franchisees requires time and a commitment to excellence on behalf of both the franchiser and the franchisee. Cutting corners during the training process can lead to failed operations, legal problems, sub-par profitability, and poor promotion of a company’s brand. The first step to preventing these hazards is to recognize these key challenges to franchisee training: 

  • Inconsistencies in training can result in a lack of standardization among franchisees
  • Franchisees often want to gloss over training because they want to hit the ground running
  • Hands-on training can be difficult to schedule for franchisees
  • Traditional training tactics such as role-playing or simulation often do not mirror real-life experiences
  • It is often difficult to tell if training material has been absorbed by franchisees
  • New franchisees are sometimes trained to operate in accordance with outdated policies
  • It can be difficult for franchisees to spend weeks away from their families to receive training

An awareness of these challenges allows franchisers to design a flexible training program that effectively prepares franchisees to properly handle the issues that confront franchisees on a daily basis.

Aspects of an Effective Franchisee Training Program

An effective franchisee training program should thoroughly expose the franchisee to all key aspects of company operations. Franchisees should develop a solid working knowledge of company policies, safety requirements, potential legal issues, insurance requirements, and vendor relationships. Additionally, a franchisee should have supervised experience managing day-to-day operations before diving into business. You can help strengthen your training initiative by integrating the five building blocks below into your franchisee training program: 

  1. A well-organized, comprehensive operations manual that covers policies and procedures
  2. Training at the franchiser headquarters before launching the franchise
  3. Onsite training at the franchisee location to facilitate day to day operations
  4. Administration of tests or examinations to ensure absorption of training material
  5. Continued training and ongoing education regarding new policies and products

By using a combination of written training materials, live exposure to onsite demands, and ongoing learning, franchisers can help make sure that franchisees are prepared to handle the situations that commonly arise in their industry.

Steps to Optimize the Effectiveness of a Franchisee Training Program

A franchisee training program can include all of the essential building blocks outlined above but can produce results that are less than desirable. Business owners should make sure that their franchisees understand that training activities are an example of their desire to invest time and energy in franchisees. Additionally, franchisers should take the following steps to maximize the impact of their training programs: 

  1. Be committed to regularly training each and every franchisee
  2. Ensure that training programs are regularly updated with current materials
  3. Take advantage of any and all training opportunities provided by franchisers
  4. Use a multi-modal approach to training to keep trainees engaged
  5. Provide refresher training on an ongoing basis via quizzes or spaced learning
  6. Remain in contact with the franchiser in case additional training is needed
  7. Consider participating in community-based training opportunities

Essentially, franchisee training opportunities should be numerous, varied and interesting to franchisees. Franchisers play a critical role in the training process and should be accessible to franchisees before, during, and after the launch of a franchise.

How a Learning Management System Can Facilitate Franchisee Training

Incorporating an LMS into a franchise training initiative is one of the best ways to address the challenges facing franchise trainers. Below are some of the many ways that an LMS solution can help bolster the franchise training process: 

  • An LMS builds consistency among franchisees by providing a standardized training framework
  • The flexibility of an LMS enables franchisees to engage in learning from the comfort of their homes
  • Tests on training material can be easily incorporated into an LMS
  • Updates to company policies and operations are easy to update using an LMS
  • The ability to incorporate videos and microlearning techniques helps keep franchisees interested in training material
  • Franchisers can easily assess the effectiveness of training with an LMS

In addition to these benefits, an LMS enables franchisees to engage in learning at their own speed from any location. This allows them to spend more time reviewing the material that is the most difficult for them to grasp.

Selecting an Industry Expert to Help Your Franchisee Training Succeed

An effective way to develop a sound training program is to enlist the help of an expert in the learning management system industry. The e-Learning specialists with Knowledge Anywhere have 25 years of experience designing learning management platforms for hospitality industry training, franchisees and business owners. Schedule a Demo to learn how a learning management system can help your organization. We will work with you to help ensure that franchisee training is effective in producing desired results and brand loyalty.

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