QuickQuiz was released in the Slack App Directory in April 2018, bringing fast, easy quiz creation to Slack users. Over 500 organizations across the globe are now using QuickQuiz to test their users’ knowledge.

Knowledge Anywhere, creators of QuickQuiz have just released a new version of the app with even more functionalities.

What is QuickQuiz? QuickQuiz is a Slack App that allows administrators to quickly create and distribute quizzes to other Slack users.

In addition to all the features of QuickQuiz 1.0, users can now:
  • Specify a quiz’s pass/fail percent
  • Customize quiz completion notifications
  • Enjoy improved quiz analytics
  • Have easier access to support

QuickQuiz for elearning. Managers and team leads can utilize the quiz app as a free elearning tool for their teams. Administrators can send a piece of content to employees in Slack, along with a quiz to ensure the knowledge has been comprehended. In this way, administrators can quickly assess their team’s knowledge and learners don’t have to leave their regular workflow to do it. Everything can be done right from a company’s Slack channel.

Find more information about QuickQuiz and add it to your team’s Slack here.

Knowledge Anywhere consistently strive to improve their elearning products, as well as create new tools for elearning professionals. Follow the link to learn about another free elearning tool they have created called Scormify, a SCORM converter app.

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