Entertain to Teach and Capture Attention

Virgin American sure knows how to make learning fun. The company’s innovative in-flight videos teach passengers about air travel safety without boring out of their seats. This is vital information, sure. But treat it too seriously and learners zone out. Watch these Virgin America videos for creative ways to make learning, even dry topics, a lot more fun – and a lot stickier.

Music, Dancing, and a Little Humor

This Virgin America safety video takes Glee-like elements to create a fun training video that grabs attention in the first three seconds. Almost 10 million views (and counting) can’t be wrong. With catchy original songs, it’s something you haven’t seen before and wouldn’t mind seeing again. The narrated text, presented in rap, calls out the silliness of having to tell someone how to use a seatbelt, offering a “true that” moment that connects with viewers.

Although most budgets aren’t big enough for original song and dance, 36 dancers, minor celebrities and 26 hours on set, there’s no reason you can’t use the same principles. Dance choreography is more affordable than you think. A short video introducing and summarizing the learning can prep minds to receive the information. A little rap thrown in to voice narration, such as in Virgin’s video, would work.

Simple Animation and Voice Over

This Virgin video is downright dull compared to the Safety Dance video, but as the predecessor to the newer groundbreaking video, it’s entertaining and well done. The animation presents funny characters that let viewers recognize themselves. The narration is smarmy and smartly voiced, making it worth the time to watch.

Animation can be pricey, but costs are coming down. Smaller animation houses can produce for you at about $40 an hour. Obviously, you’ll pay more for highly creative animations, but it still brings the budget of animated productions well within reach.

Adventure and Creativity

Another animated video, this one creates and adventurous atmosphere, creating a dream sequence to present the usual boring narration in a visually appealing and entertaining way. It takes themes from favorite movie genres with astronauts, spies and superheroes – there’s even a giant crab monster.

These videos are so popular with travelers, you’ll find home videos of them posted everywhere on YouTube. That kind of enthusiasm, on a safety training video? It’s unheard of. By using music and animation in new ways, Virgin has given us the go-to example of how to make learning stick, even when the material is bone dry.

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