Engaged, well-trained employees are critical to the success of an organization. As technology and the way people learn are evolving, so do employee training techniques. This article will highlight some of the most popular training techniques and help you choose which will best fit for your team depending on your training goals, budget, time, and audience.

The top 3 most effective employee training methods we’ve seen are:

  1. Instructor-Led Training
  2. Virtual Coaching
  3. Online Learning - Training with eLearning

Instructor-Led Training

This type of training can be expensive because of the time to arrange the training, the cost of flying employees out, and the cost of the instructor. However, there are some topics that are better suited for in-person, instructor-led training. Many businesses are finding that the most effective training programs have a combination of both online and in-person methods.

Best suited for:

  • Complex information
  • Collaborative, discussion-based learning
  • Topics that might have a lot of questions asked
  • Team building activities

Virtual Coaching

Virtual or in-person coaching is a great way to train employees. I am sure we know what in-person coaching looks like, but what is virtual coaching? Virtual coaching can be found on many learning management systems, or integrated into them. They allow mentors to set up a scenario for the learner. The learner then records their answer to the scenario, and the manager can give feedback at a convenient time.

This type of training can be very helpful for customer-facing employees such as sales representatives or other customer service positions. It allows employees to practice responses before the stakes are too high. Recording these responses also allows employees and managers to look back at the progress that has been made.

Best suited for:

  • Sales representatives
  • Customer service positions

Online Learning - Training with elearning

Online training methods have become very popular in both the business world, and in our daily lives. People are now familiar with technology to the point that we expect it to be in our training. One way that businesses are implementing technology into their training programs is through Learning Management Systems. This tool allows organizations to create a training and development program with content that can be used again and again, and employees can access it on their own time. Migrating employee training online to an LMS also allows administrators to track what your trainees have completed and learned.

eLearning also allows for new techniques such as micro-learning, promoting short, to-the-point learning opportunities that helps the trainee process and remember the material better.

Best suited for:

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