The first rule of business is to be successful. Regardless of whether your business is a Fortune 500 behemoth with thousands of employees or a fresh-faced startup with a handful of employees, you want to be successful. You need to be successful, and that success starts with your employees. A company is only as good as its workforce, and your workforce is only as good as the training you can provide for its members.

However, corporate training and development does not come easy. You need to be willing to commit considerable time, money and effort to train your employees. Providing these resources for training is not an easy task for companies with a small human resource staff, or who lack the personnel or other resources needed for proper employee training programs. You can solve this problem – and give your employees the vital training they need—by outsourcing training courses for employees.

Outsourcing corporate training courses can pay enormous benefits for your business, both tangible and intangible. It saves money; it motivates employees, and it guarantees consistent, professional-level training for your employees. We’ll take a look at a few of the many benefits outsourcing your employee training can provide for your business, but first, we need to deal with the large dead elephant in the middle of the room – employer-provided or in-house employee-to-employee training.

Most employer-provided training can be summed like this: A room full of people who don’t want to be there being trained by people who don’t want to be there.

Consider that for a moment. Think back all the employer-led or in-house, employer-provided training sessions you have sat through during your working life. The employees being subjected to the training are bored and distracted by worrying about the work they should be doing instead of being in training, while the trainers are just going through the allotted material as quickly as they can so that everyone can say the employees have been trained. It’s not fun, it’s not effective, and it’s not an efficient use of anyone’s time.

Outsourcing your training avoids this problem, and gives your employees the tools they need to take your business to the next level.

Here are a few good reasons why you need to outsource your employee training:

You are not a training company

Training is not the core business of your company. Do you or any of your employees have the core competencies needed to put together comprehensive, effective, and informative training resources and training sessions for your employees? Training is a necessity for your business, but it is also a distraction. For a professional training company, training is their business—they eat, drink, and breathe training. They have the personnel, the resources, and, more importantly, the experience to maximize your employee training experience.

Risk mitigation

Every business brings with it risk. Employee health risks, regulatory and legal risks—if your employees are not adequately trained, you can face serious financial and legal repercussions when things go wrong. Training protects you from liability claims. If you fail to provide adequate training and an employee is involved in a catastrophic accident or injury, you face considerable risk of being sued. Professional, documented training by a neutral outside trainer can help mitigate those risks and ensure that your employees have the knowledge they need to work safely and professionally.

The first to market wins

New products need to get to market as soon as possible, but this can be hampered by the need for employee training. The faster you can train your sales and support team, the faster your products can be in the hands of your customers. Professional training can close the gap from concept to sales, and help you beat your competitors to market.

Leverage your access to outside resources

No business is an expert at everything. Being the best in your field does not automatically mean your company has mastered everything it needs to master to provide the right training for your employees. Outside trainers are training experts who will bring to the table the talent and expertise needed to make your training effective, dynamic and engaging for your employees. Also, you can also benefit from simply seeing your business and your training needs with a fresh set of eyes. An outside trainer may see missed opportunities or areas where additional or simply different training may yield your company unforeseen benefits. An experienced trainer will be able to bring their experience into play to make sure you receive the best training possible.

Reduce costs

Does your business have an extra $23,000 or so lying around to invest in a learning system? You could always go with an open source solution—assuming you have staff with the drive, expertise, and considerable free time to roll-your-own eLearning system. Or you could use one of any number of commercial systems, which carry an average initial out-of-pocket expense of around $23,000 for 500 or fewer workers. The bottom line with either system, however, is that you will be responsible for creating training materials and managing the training system. Outsourcing your training will reduce this cost significantly, and shift the burden of creating and managing training materials to expert trainers.

Scalability of resources

Training needs fluctuate based on some factors and require a large talent pool of across a broad spectrum of talents and skills. Managing these shifting tides of specialized demands can be a major headache for any organization. Do you hire trainers, and then struggle to find work for them during lean times? What do you do when there is a sudden need for a large number of trainers—hire additional trainers, or try to pull other employees away from their assigned work to act as trainers? Outsourcing training solves all of these problems. You can call in as many or as few trainers as you need, and have them just when you need them.

Revenue generation

Do you know the secret sauce that Microsoft uses to make sure their products, such as Windows Server, SQL Server, Office 365, Azure, and Exchange are the market-dominant gold standard in their respective product niche? Early on, Microsoft realized the key role outsider trainers could play in generating customer revenue, and so they have promoted an entire outside training ecosystem in which trainers train potential and existing customers in the use of the products. The company has partnered with outside training organizations that know how to package, market, and sell other companies on the value of acquiring and using Microsoft products. This strategy was also adopted by Red Hat, which allowed the company to grown from a simple Linux distributor to a major multinational open-source software distributor—and, incidentally, a major competitor with Microsoft for the lucrative server software market. Your company could quite possibly leverage a relationship with a training provider into new, untapped, and lucrative revenue streams.

Your business is not in the training business, and trying to shoehorn training in with everything else you need to do to succeed can be a costly, time-consuming distraction. Outsourcing your training allows you to focus on your core competencies while giving your employees can have the resources they need grow your business.

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