Get a bird’s eye view of your learners’ training activity with Knowledge Anywhere’s real-time reporting dashboard. From within the dashboard you can see high-level reports, such as the “Top 5 Users By Number of Logins,” the “Average Rating of Courses,” the “Top 10 Course Completions,” and more. You can even access your Google Analytics data from your LMS with a quick link from the reporting dashboard. Watch the video above to learn more about Knowledge Anywhere’s reporting dashboard and the drill-down reports available in the system.

The following standard reports are available in Knowledge Anywhere’s LMS:

Courses Report
The Courses Report gives you visibility into the courses that learners have successfully completed in the LMS – giving you granular user progress details that coincide with course completions such as the completion date of the course and the score of the course. You also have the ability to filter this reporting view based on user group, course set, individual course, user status (Active or Inactive), and more.

Users Report
The Users Report summarizes each learner’s activity at the course set level – showing learners’ progress toward completing prescribed and optional learning pathways that contain multiple courses. Like the Courses Report, you can apply filters to run the report based on the data points that are most meaningful to you.

Classroom Enrollment Report
The Classroom Enrollment Report allows you to see key information regarding all instructor-led training sessions that users have registered for within the LMS – giving you visibility into the specific training session users have registered for, completed, were a “no-show” to, and etc., within a given course offering. Like other reports, the output of the report can be narrowed by applying filters.

Course Survey Report
The Course Survey Report is the easiest way to glean user feedback for the training content on your LMS. It shows the learner who gave the feedback, the group they’re in, the course the feedback is about, the course set the course is in, the name of the survey, the date the feedback was given, and the survey questions and answers the learner completed. The output of this report can be narrowed by running it against only a few groups or a single group of learners, by limiting it to only one course set or course in that set or a specific survey, or by specifying a date range.

Satisfaction Survey Report
The Satisfaction Survey Report shows you the survey feedback you have received from learners who have recently logged into the LMS. The purpose of the survey is to measure learner satisfaction of the learning management system as a whole, versus their training content, giving administrators insights into how learners perceive aspects of the system—like ease of use or site navigation. This report can be filtered based on date range.

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