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Comprehensive LMS Migration Planning

A Tailored Approach to Your Needs

Love our Learning Management System (LMS), but worried about changing your learner data and course history over to a new system?

Moving your training doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With our comprehensive migration planning, we take a deep dive into understanding your unique requirements, current course structures, and user data. Our team ensures every aspect of your migration is strategically planned, leaving no stone unturned. By prioritizing the elements that matter most to you, we facilitate a smooth transition to your new Knowledge Anywhere LMS.


Benefits of Knowledge Anywhere's LMS Migration Services

Moving training platforms is painful. But it doesn't have to be.

Significant Cost Savings

Transitioning to a new LMS can be riddled with unforeseen expenses, especially without expert guidance. Our tried-and-tested migration process is optimized for efficiency, eliminating redundancies and ensuring you get the best value for your investment. By choosing Knowledge Anywhere, you'll save considerably on the typical costs associated with such transitions.

Time Efficiency for L&D Professionals

Time is of the essence in the Learning & Development world. Our streamlined migration process means that your L&D team can focus on what they do best —designing effective learning experiences —instead of getting bogged down by technical complexities. With our team handling the heavy lifting, your internal resources are free to concentrate on mission-critical tasks.

Peace of Mind with Expert Support

Migrating to a new LMS can be filled with uncertainties. With Knowledge Anywhere by your side, you gain the assurance of having an expert team ready to assist every step of the way. From initial planning to post-migration support, our commitment is to ensure your transition is as smooth as possible, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

Our training migration will minimize your downtime and data loss

One of the biggest fears when transitioning between LMS platforms is the potential loss of data or significant downtime. Our approach involves meticulous data backup and transfer processes, ensuring that every piece of content, every user profile, and every training record is safely moved to its new home. By minimizing downtime, we make sure your learners experience minimal disruption, keeping their learning journey uninterrupted.

We'll train your Learning & Development team, so the LMS transition is as easy as possible.

A successful migration doesn't end when the data is transferred. It's essential that your team feels comfortable and confident using the new system. Knowledge Anywhere provides hands-on training sessions tailored for your Admins, ensuring that they are well-equipped to manage, troubleshoot, and optimize the new LMS from day one.

Is your LMS not working for your training needs? It may be time to change platforms.

There's a lot of reasons L&D professionals may want to utilize experts to switch LMS providers.

Here's a few we see the most often:


In a world of hidden costs and unclear pricing, it's easy for organizations to pay above the industry standard for a Learning Management System. Knowledge Anywhere's LMS is affordable and provides pricing upfront, so you always know what you're getting. Paired with our easy migration services, we can move you off expensive training platforms and keep your costs minimal.

Sometimes, the training platform that fit your organization a few years ago isn't right for you now. Growth can mean many good things, but it does require constant change and upgrades to systems to make sure your employee training remains easy to use and within budget. Knowledge Anywhere's has a flexible system designed to grow as you do, designed to take away the growing pains.

While many training providers have a robust set of features, most companies overpay for unnecessary bells and whistles. Others require new capabilities as their system expands and requires additional functionality. For example, let's say you wanted to sell your courses through eCommerce - this could be a feature only utilized after many years of training and course creation.

Most of the time, your training program was started before you were on the job. Now you're finding your platform no longer works for your evolving company needs and it's time to look for something new. Sometimes the best solution is to switch your system, which usually comes with resistance to change from key stakeholders. We'll make it as seamless as possible so you can get approval without the hassle.

Our top tips that make your move to a new LMS easier.

As you research LMS data migration, you'll come across technical challenges and organizational roadblocks. But with the right strategies and insights, changing training platforms can be a breeze. At Knowledge Anywhere, we've assisted many organizations in smoothly moving LMSs, and amassed a treasure trove of best practices. In this video, we unveil our top tips that have transformed complex migrations into straightforward tasks.

Ready to change learning platforms?

Let our training experts lead your LMS migration and skip the headache. Reach out today to see how we can work together to level up your online training quickly and efficiently.