Many business owners make the mistake of always opting to recruit professionals rather than train their own employees to become the professionals they would need. Usually, employees who do not feel they are growing within their career will look for somewhere else where they can grow. Recruiting is not a bad idea, but is not cost-effective. To increase ROI, spend some of that budget on making current employees happy through training and development programs. This takes time, but with careful planning and significant investment, it is a great long-term strategy. Below are some ways that online training can help with talent management.

Employees encounter real-world experiences

Experiencing real-world problems without any risk of mistakes or high-pressure situations is one advantage of online training. Employees can take an active part in job simulations and interactive activities from anywhere in the world, allowing them to see what works and how mistakes happen. One great example of this is Virtual Reality Training, which is an immersive training content tool wiht the ability to “transport” learners into a simulated environment. During these lessons, employees can identify personal areas for improvement and continually develop their talents.

Retain top talent with personalized training resources

Employees would be elated at an opportunity to develop new skill sets that help them at work while padding their resume. When the company is able to make the employee happy and provide a path for personal growth, it is much easier to retain staff. A one-size-fits-all training doesn’t work in the competitive world these days. Most companies lose top talents to fierce competitors, simply because of this. Your top performers should have constant access to online training tools and resources that they would need from time to time.

Easily add more talent to your team

There are many online review sites, such as Glassdoor, that track a company’s staff welfare, and most top-class prospective employees are always on the lookout for companies with great employee reviews. For example, a prospective employee with extraordinary soft skills and the desire to become a professional project manager would be glad to join a program that organizes PMP training and a path for professional growth. This is because training improves leadership skills and gives employees the knowledge to manage teams on particular projects. These individuals can be costly, so it is an employee advantage to gain access for free. When a company is known for training employees on high-profile courses, it is easier for them to bring other intelligent prospects in, furthering talent management within the company.

Maintain consistency and standardization

A topic can be taught in different ways, at different times, depending on how your training is set up, whether that be instructor-led, off-the-shelf, custom-made, or a blended model. While this allows for options, it also creates difficulty for consistency over the years. Online training can help fix this need for consistency and standardization, in a way that is easy to maintain and optimize. Once you have put in the work to create an eLearning course, you can be sure all enrolled employees would get the same high-quality training, leading to consistent real-world application within their roles. This consistency will help with your organization’s talent management and create a standard that is easier to enforce. For example, if someone becomes sick or is absent, standardization allows other employees with the same training to easily cover for another, without a large disruption to the workplace.

Immediate feedback from employees

Training platforms run 24/7 and are always available. Because of this, employees can get any online training material they need to improve productivity at any time and can provide immediate personalized feedback after any training. If training was run only through a physical instructor, this process would require one-on-one feedback with every learner trained, at strict and inflexible times, creating challenging logistic barriers.


There are several advantages of online training - improved productivity, decreased turnover, increased ROI, happier employee satisfaction, and more! Whatever your training goals, creating a personal development plan will always be welcomed. To talk with an eLearning expert for free about your organization’s training, schedule a meeting here.

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