Deliver Custom eLearning Development Through Personalized Learner Experiences

Sometimes, basic training doesn’t cut it. Save the time and headache of creating eLearning courses and let our team of experts craft training that speaks to your organization’s brand, processes, and roles.

Online Courses Designed with You in Mind

Online Courses Designed with You in Mind

Our custom LMS development allows you to tailor your online training experience to your organization’s brand and image. Our team will ensure every aspect of your course—from colors and text, to graphics and videos—are in line with your style guidelines.

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Your Secret Employee Engagement Tool
Your Secret Employee Engagement Tool

Your Secret Employee Engagement Tool

By creating custom learner experiences, you can increase employee retention and productivity, leading to a higher company ROI. By creating highly relevant and specific courses, you’ll avoid generic, cookie-cutter training, which leads to unengaged employees.

Virtual Reality Training

Virtual Reality Training

The future is here - practice real-world problem solving and minimize training risks with virtual reality training. Give your workforce an immersive VR training experience that establishes a mock environment where your employees can practice jumping over realistic job hurdles through our partnership with 360 Immersive; a training company that provides over 50 professionally made, off-the-shelf Virtual Reality courses.

We’re here to help make your courses shine.

Tim Clark | National Wine Education Manager at Terlato Wines
"With over 75 exceptional brands and more than 700 wines, we needed a way to deliver highly engaging and impactful courses to thousands of sales representatives across the country. Knowledge Anywhere provided us with a turnkey training solution that combined a robust Learning Management System with outstanding, one-of-a-kind course development at a quality level consistent with everything we do here at Terlato Wines."
Tim Clark | National Wine Education Manager at Terlato Wines

Personalized Training Content Fit For Your Needs

Our Customized Content Development service harnesses the power of digital learning and marries it with your business's unique learning goals. Our team of experienced eLearning professionals and instructional designers create content that is not only engaging and interactive but also fits seamlessly within your Learning Management System (LMS).

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As organizations recognize the necessity of continuous learning in the workplace, the demand for high-quality, relevant training content has significantly increased. At Knowledge Anywhere, we understand that every business has its unique learning needs, which is why we offer Customized Content Development as part of our service offering. This service aims to create tailor-made, professional, and engaging eLearning content that aligns perfectly with your business needs and learning objectives.

What is Customized Content Development? Customized Content Development is a service where eLearning content is created specifically to meet an organization's unique training needs. Rather than using off-the-shelf training materials that might not align perfectly with your business objectives, this customized service provides bespoke training content that resonates with your workforce and addresses your specific learning outcomes.

Why does your organization need Customized Content Development? A one-size-fits-all approach to training often falls short of achieving the desired learning outcomes. Customized Content Development ensures that your training content is relevant to your business, industry, and the specific roles within your organization. This tailored approach enhances engagement, improves knowledge retention, and leads to a more successful training outcome.

Benefits of our Customized Content Development: With Customized Content Development, you're not just getting content that fits your learning needs; you're also getting professionally designed, high-quality content that engages your learners. We incorporate multimedia elements, like videos and interactive quizzes, to make learning more enjoyable and effective. Our content is also designed to be mobile-friendly, providing your employees the flexibility to learn at their own pace, wherever they are.

How to use Customized Content Development within your LMS: Once we've created your custom content, integrating it into your LMS is simple. You can upload the content into the system, organize it into specific courses or training modules, and assign them to your Learners. You can then use the LMS's tracking and reporting features to monitor your learners' progress and measure the effectiveness of the training content.

How long does it take to develop customized content? The timeline for content development can vary depending on the complexity of the content, the number of courses required, and the level of multimedia elements involved. Our team will work with you to establish a timeline that suits your needs.

Can we request changes to the customized content? Absolutely! Our goal is to ensure that the content meets your specific needs. We provide opportunities for review and revisions during the content development process.

Is the customized content compatible with my LMS? Yes, our content is designed to be compatible with any SCORM-compliant LMS, ensuring seamless integration.

Can the content be translated into different languages? Yes, we can create content in multiple languages to cater to your global workforce's needs.

Can the content be updated as our business evolves? Absolutely. The content can be revised and updated as your business needs change over time.

What type of multimedia elements can be incorporated into the content? We can incorporate a wide variety of multimedia elements, including videos, interactive quizzes, simulations, graphics, and more, to make the content engaging and impactful.

How do you ensure the quality of the content? We have a rigorous Quality Assurance (QA) process in place. Our instructional designers and content developers collaborate to ensure the content is accurate,

Can you develop content that complies with specific industry regulations? Absolutely. Our team is experienced in creating content that adheres to a variety of industry regulations and standards. We will work with you to understand any specific compliance requirements you may have.

Does the content work on all devices? Yes, all content we develop is designed to be responsive, meaning it will work smoothly on desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices.

Do you provide content in microlearning format? Yes, we can design the content in bite-sized, or microlearning modules, which are perfect for busy employees who may prefer to learn in shorter, more manageable segments.

Can you incorporate our company's branding into the content? Absolutely. As part of our Customized Content Development service, we can incorporate your company's logo, colors, and other branding elements into the content to provide a consistent look and feel.

Can we include real-life scenarios in the content? Yes, incorporating real-life scenarios relevant to your business is a powerful way to make the learning experience more practical and impactful. We can work with you to develop relevant scenarios to include in the training content.

What kinds of Learning Paths can we create with the content? The Learning Paths you can create are nearly limitless. This can range from onboarding new employees, training in new software, leadership development, compliance training, to continuous professional development.

Why is outsourcing course authoring a good eLearning strategy? ​eLearning platforms can sometimes include many working components, which may seem confusing at first. Knowledge Anywhere have partnered with course creation specialists to provide you with custom training content. With just a few simple steps, you can seamlessly import create beautiful, engaging courses directly into your Learning Management System.

Save time and money: Although there are ways to use your current content in a course, creating online training internally can cost your company lots of time, and therefore money. By allowing trained professionals to handle your content creation, you will have more time to spend elsewhere.

Personalize your content: Some have the impression that hiring an off-the-shelf course leads to cookie-cutter, dry content. Not anymore! Now, course authoring experts have the ability to create responsive and interactive learning tailored to your organization’s needs. For example, you can request training to be tailored to specific industries, topics, goals, media types and more!

Trust the experts: Chances are, your company and staff are not experts in course authoring. Instead of learning an entirely new field, conserve your energy and resources by trusting the people who already live and breathe eLearning. Course authoring companies have first-hand experience in the field, and know how to make user-friendly, beautifully designed courses that are engaging for all types of learners. Here are just a few tools you can choose to leverage within your digital learning strategy through course authoring:

  • Videos
  • Audio recordings
  • Image editing
  • Flashcards
  • Interactive quizzes
  • Gamification
  • Infographics
  • Simulations
  • Role playing scenarios

Do you offer any analytics to measure the effectiveness of the content? While the content itself doesn't include analytics, once it's uploaded into your LMS, you'll be able to use the LMS's tracking and reporting features to measure the content's effectiveness and your learners' progress.

Can the content be adapted to different learning styles? Yes, our eLearning professionals understand that people have different learning styles. As such, they use a variety of methods and multimedia elements to cater to visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners.

When should I build a custom course vs. buy an off the shelf course? When identifying what courses are best for your organization’s online learning program, it’s critical to find an option best suited for the specific needs of your team. It is important to ensure that the course is comprehensive and meets all of the industry standards in order for your team members to find it useful.

Before you invest in a course, it’s important to know if it checks all your organizational boxes. An incomplete program may lead to your team receiving inadequate training that could leave them unable to perform their responsibilities. Here are some advantages of Custom Courses:

1. Aligns with Company Values: Building a custom course allows you to craft a learning experience which aligns with your company’s values. It will be 100% tonally consistent with your brand because it enables you to incorporate your company’s logos and color scheme while also including specific company policies and procedures. An externally designed course may have materials that are defined prior to purchase and that you are unable to adapt to fit your organization.  

2. Target Audience Needs: While staying brand consistent through custom courses, you are also able to target your audience’s needs better than a third party. You know what your team members are likely to respond to and how they learn which makes it easier to build a course that optimizes how you communicate the relevant information your team needs to hear. Building a custom course also allows you to employ examples relevant to your business or industry. This will engage your users rather than non-specific examples that won’t apply to your market.  

3. Continually Update: One final advantage of a custom course: the ability to update it as changes occur within your industry. You can update a custom course whenever you need to. Buying a course can be a more static experience, without the versatility and flexibility your learning program may require. If you work in an industry with ever-changing requirements, this could be a major challenge.

Buying courses and building custom courses each have their advantages. To decide on which one to use, it ultimately depends on the objective of the training you are providing your employees. There are two key indicators where building a custom course may help train your employees more.  

1. Specific Company Needs: Each company communicates, operates, and executes results differently. There are some areas that an off the shelf course can not teach your employees. This may include:

  • New product releases
  • Company-specific certifications
  • Organizational culture
  • Company-specific examples
  • Industry-specific compliance laws
  • Special accomplishments

Buying off the shelf content is best for when companies need employees to learn generic skills such as Leadership Development or Microsoft Excel Training. This is because buying these pre-designed courses are cheaper and not time intensive to select. However, when you need to train employees on specific areas related to your business, building custom courses will produce a greater impact on learning objectives. This is especially true if you need to train your team members on theuses or benefits of a product, specifically one created by your company. No external training course is going to be able to capture the knowledge your organization has about a product that company designed from scratch.

2. Increase Management Engagement: It is also best to build a course if you want to increase management’s engagement with the training program. Leadership will be more likely to support and buy-in to a training program they had a hand in creating. Allowing them to provide input into the training also ensures your organization is reinforcing the goals and objectives of your management team. Incorporating management into the training development process is a great way to make sure the training is consistent with their values.

What questions should I ask before building a Custom Course?

What content do you already own? When you identify the need for online training, you should first determine what content you have at your disposal. If you have the requisite information and materials to inform a comprehensive training program, it may be redundant to seek an external option.  

What type of content do you need? What is it that you want your users to get out of the training experience specifically? Do you need them to learn specific policies or perform a certain task? Do they need to know how to operate a specific product? Do they need to be made aware of laws or other regulations that impact their ability to do their jobs?

Consider what type of content you need when deciding the best way to communicate it to your audience. 

What audience are you targeting? Are they your internal employees and staff? External stakeholders such as contractors or consultants? This will impact the amount of company information you share within the course as well as how the course is designed. 

What are your expectations for the content? When the training program is complete, will you need your users to perform a function? Will they need to possess knowledge about a specific rule or set of guidelines? Before you begin the course-building process, you should be able to visualize the finish line. Know the end goal of where you want your users to be so you can appropriately define your expectations for them as you develop the content.

How do we start the process of Customized Content Development? The process begins with a consultation where we discuss your specific needs, learning objectives, and any other requirements. After that, we'll create a project plan and begin the content development process. Sign up here to talk with an online training expert today about how we can help you build personalized training content for your learning program.