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Access thousands of professionally made courses

Why reinvent the wheel? Knowledge Anywhere partners with some of the best training course libraries, including LinkedIn Learning, OpenSesame, ej4, and 360 Immersive to give our customers access to tens of thousands of pre-built, professionally made courses.

Integrations and tools are available through our LMS Marketplace.

LinkedIn Learning Integration

Knowledge Anywhere customers can leverage our LinkedIn Learning integration and access over 16,700 online courses in 7 languages, joining over 27 million users and 78 Fortune 100 companies that take advantage of this training platform.

Open Sesame Integration

Seamlessly access and import Open Sesame's 30,000+ off-the-shelf online courses available. Through Knowledge Anywhere’s integration with OpenSesame, our customers can easily find quality online training content for any industry on virtually any subject, available in multiple languages and accessible to learners around the world.

Quickly launch online corporate training content.

In just a couple of clicks, relevant courses are automatically imported into your training system, eliminating the need for you to manually input course content, titles, descriptions, pictures, and duration.

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