It’s time to say goodbye to Adobe Flash for good.

In light of its dwindling functionality, lack of cross-device compatibility and prevailing security concerns, Adobe Flash has recently been dubbed as an outdated standard for web animation by Adobe itself, (finally).

Despite its depreciation in popularity by the web community at large and its track record of causing eLearning courses to load slowly and to perform only on desktops or PC’s, Flash-based courses are still as prevalent as ever in the eLearning community. In fact, many eLearning solution providers and eLearning developers are still selling or using course authoring software programs that create courses that either export to Flash or that are built using Flash technology—posing a challenge for organizations who want modern, mobile-friendly courses.

What does this mean for my Flash-based courses?

With the imminent extinction of Flash on the horizon, many organizations should soon start thinking about migrating their legacy content to meet the modern HTML5/JavaScript standards, especially as they work towards deploying mobile-friendly training programs.

Now more than ever, organizations will be seeking the help of an experienced eLearning technology solution provider to help them convert hundreds of Flash-based courses utilizing modern, cross-browser/platform-friendly techniques efficiently and cost-effectively. Though, with many providers still leveraging Flash technology to build courses, organizations may find themselves in a bind.

Make sure you don’t get backed into a corner.

For years, the team at Knowledge Anywhere has helped customers build and convert their legacy content to modern, HTML5- and JavaScript-friendly courses by leveraging its course authoring tool that renders multimedia-rich content without depending on Adobe Flash or without requiring advanced programming knowledge. Courses developed using Knowledge Anywhere’s Course Builder allow users to create highly interactive and informative experiences that are cross-device and cross-browser compatible—ensuring that all courses can be accessed on the latest mobile technologies and browsers.

In addition to its Course Development software, Knowledge Anywhere offers customers a reliable method for mass course conversion by scouring the XML file from Flash-based courses and converting that file into a format that is compatible with Knowledge Anywhere’s Course Builder. All Flash-based animations are preserved and repurposed into HTML5 or video files so that the spirit of legacy course elements can be retained.

Looking to modernize your eLearning courses?

For organizations looking to convert their legacy, Flash-based courses into modern, HTML5- and JavaScript-friendly courses Knowledge Anywhere will perform an analysis of the organization’s unique situation and determine a custom conversion plan that is best suited for the organization’s needs.

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