At Knowledge Anywhere, our goal is to help you achieve your training goals while making the process easy and informative. Whether you’re a learner trying to retain training content or a trainer looking for innovative ways to teach others, this free downloadable, virtual flashcard template can help you. Flashcards are great tools for: 

  • Microlearning
  • Knowledge retention
  • Blended learning
  • Multiple styles of learning - some people learn differently

You can access Knowledge Anywhere Flashcard templates here to get started. This resource is completely editable, so you can add training relevant to your role, as well as your organization’s branding, including colors, logos, fonts, or images. Below, you can see examples of this template, including the front and back of each card. When you go to download your training flashcards, simply download as a PDF, and print front and back for the question and answers to line up. If you know someone in the training industry or in a Learning and Development field, send this free resource to them – it may help! Knowledge Anywhere could create these resources for your team, alongside our custom course development

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