New Ford Tech Programs: From Students to Technicians

Ford ACE

The Ford Automotive Career Exploration (ACE) program raises interest and awareness around career opportunities in the automotive service industry. It’s been an active program for three years, and it has already had a widespread impact on students in every state in America! In just three years, the program has seen a staggering growth of over 97,000 students and instructors at 1,152 sponsored schools and 823 sponsoring Ford and Lincoln dealerships. This has resulted in over 1,185 new hires within the field. To see more statistics about how the program has grown, scroll down to view our newest Ford ACE infographic.

Students in an ACE-sponsored school receive access to a uniquely created Learning Management System (LMS) curriculum. The courses are the same as those taken by dealership technicians giving students a jump start on their experience and careers. School participants receive support from the dealership, including bi-annual presentations, participation in career fairs, and opportunities for job shadowing. The combined knowledge and experience provides real-world perspective on careers in the auto-industry. ACE students have a leg up with transferable Ford eLearning course credits, should they decide to seek employment or enroll in a Ford Automotive Student Service Educational Training (ASSET) program to further their education with Ford. If a student chooses to further their career path with us, their LMS records are transferred into the Ford and Lincoln technician database. They become part of the Ford and Lincoln family.


One of the most significant opportunities is for an ACE student to attend the New Ford Tech ASSET (Automotive Student Service Educational Training) program. Upon graduation from ASSET, students can receive Ford Service Technician Specialty Training certifications & an Associates degree, saving time and money while providing access to real-life training. The certificates alone could take five to seven years while working at the dealership following the traditional training planner and attending classroom courses.

We’re now enrolling for our ASSET program, which has 40 locations nationwide. If you or anyone you know is interested in advancing their career in the automotive sector, fill out this form and a Ford representative will reach out within two business days.

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