​Content is an essential element of any learning management system. A company can purchase the perfect LMS for their organization and learners, but it’s success still depends on the content.

Because of the overwhelming amount of choices that are available when looking for a new LMS, it is easy to forget the importance of training content. Most businesses focus their time and energy on finding an LMS with the perfect combination of features and user experience not thinking about, or budgeting, for the content they will inevitably need.


Creating content should be a priority

Why not wait until the implementation of the LMS to turn your attention to content?

There are a couple of important reasons to not wait to start creating content.


  1. Content is valuable to your company at any time. There is no reason to wait for the purchase of an LMS to use great training content.
  2. Creating content almost always takes longer than expected. A head start on planning and creating training courses is never a bad idea.
  3. Budgeting in the cost of training content will be more accurate and easy to do if content creation is already in the planning stages, or in progress.

Starting on content can be intimidating and sometimes it is hard to know where or how to start. Here are a couple of focal points to help get your organization moving forward on its training content:

  • Identify the team that will be spearheading the content effort
  • Nail down what type of content you should create with your budget and timeframe (PowerPoints, professional videos, off-the-shelf courses, PDFs, quizzes, lectures, scripts, etc.)
  • Write down all of your content needs, then prioritize them
  • Use content you already have
  • Outline your content

Although you might not be able to fully complete the creations of your training content before the implementation of your LMS, any progress made will help you down the road. It will specifically add value with budgeting, as well as helping your organization get a faster return on investment.



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