The new age of flexible, fast elearning.

Professional development through continuous workplace education is an important aspect of keeping an organization’s workforce satisfied, engaged and productive. Many successful organizations achieve this by providing convenient and engaging learning opportunities with elearning through the utilization of a Learning Management Systems. The Learning Management System industry has been continuously updating their user interface and delivery options to fit the advancing landscape of elearning. Some of the most recent trends in elearning are: 

  • Micro learning
  • Social learning
  • Mobile learning
  • Just-in-time learning
  • User interfaces that looks modern and are easy to use

With all of this in mind, Knowledge Anywhere created QuickQuiz for Slack.

For many organizations, Slack is an integral part of day-to-day work activity as an instant messaging service with easy connectivity to other services like Google Drive, Salesforce, and Microsoft Dropbox, just to name a few. QuickQuiz creates the opportunity to bring fast elearning into users’ Slack channels. Administrators can quickly create a quiz to send along with a piece of elearning material in order to request feedback and see which employees saw the content and how well they understood it. Here are some examples of when a business might create and assign a quiz in the app; 

  • Product knowledge confirmation
  • Policy understanding
  • Company direction thoughts
  • Gamification – post-learning quizzes with incentives for “first person with the right answer”

QuickQuiz is command-based application, allowing for a flexible, simple, user-driven quiz creation experience. Find more information about QuickQuiz here, or add QuickQuiz to your Slack channel now by clicking on the button below. 

Add to Slack

In addition to QuickQuiz, Knowledge Anywhere offers a host of elearning technologies, such as their Learning Management System, Virtual Reality Training solutions, Course Development services, and an online video converter for SCORM video compliance, called SCORMify. Contact Knowledge Anywhere today to see how these solutions could help elearning in your organization.

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