It’s obvious enough that well-trained employees perform better and are more comfortable in their positions. With this idea in mind, companies all around the world continually set the bar for training higher and higher, investing more time, money and effort into employees’ education. Traditional training methods, such as sessions that companies would hold in a conference room, have been the standard for a long time. However, the advent of cloud-based corporate training and development has changed the way many corporations approach training, and there seems to be a number of reasons why it might be time for your company to follow suit.

1. It’s Cost Effective.

Think about expenses that are specifically tethered to training. You have to print and distribute materials which you usually have to design first. You may have to hire a professional trainer to come in and speak to your employees. Scheduling can be a nightmare, because you need to isolate groups of employees for specific training. Cloud training courses are more cost efficient since they allow you to go completely digital, therefore cutting down many expenses usually associated with training. All you pay for is the initial cost of setting up the course. The entire training program exists on the cloud, eliminating additional expenditure.

2. There’s No Delay.

The lack of delay applies not only to the launch of a training program but also to removing downtime. Maintenance is performed by the cloud server in real time while your employees are working on their training. Your IT professionals don’t even need to be involved. As soon as you upload your content to the cloud-based Learning Management System, it’s ready to use.

3. Learn from Anywhere.

Cloud-based systems provide your employees with the ability to learn remotely. If they’re out of the office on a business trip or at a meeting, they’ll be able to access their material anywhere. Business travel doesn’t have to interrupt the training process. Another benefit to storing your information in a location that can be accessed remotely is the ease of access not only to the entire course but its individual parts. If an employee needs to refer to a particular part of their training or a company policy, they can do so on the go.

4. It’s Easy.

All you have to do is compile your training information. The Learning Management System will keep track of employee progress, informing you where everyone is in their training voyage and how quickly they are progressing. You won’t need to create any complicated schedules, maintain technology, or dedicate any more of your time than it takes to check up once in a while. With all of the information located in one place, it’s also easier for your employees to learn.

5. You Can Go Specific.

Not everyone needs the same kind of training. Depending on the position of a particular employee, they’ll have different responsibilities and, therefore, require different skills and abilities to function efficiently. Training is not one size fits all. With cloud-based training, you’ll be able to deliver job-specific courses and basic skill development courses in the same pass.You won’t need to pull apart particular groups of employees to give them information that only applies to them – it’s all in the cloud.

6. Use Any Device.

Smartphones, computers, and tablets all serve as a uniform learning device. All of the information will be accessible at once from any device the employee chooses, even if it is their own personal device that they use at work. As a result, your employees won’t need multiple devices or supplementary materials to make the most of their training experience. Cloud-based Learning Systems are the future. They’re a major overhaul of an outdated method, designed to help you get the most out of your training while at the same time mitigating a number of issues standard training sessions have been facing. It’s a simple choice and a step in the right direction for the future of your company and the productivity of your employees.

Simone Smith is a part of the team behind Online Courses Australia – one of the leading providers of education opportunities in Australia. Simone believes that a proper work-life balance and a desire for self-improvement are keys to success in both private and professional life.

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