Interested in monetizing your Learning Management System? With Knowledge Anywhere’s e-commerce plugin you can sell your training content on a course by course basis. Watch the video above to see our e-commerce LMS in action.

Credit Card Processing
Start generating revenue for your training content with the ability to sell your e-learning courses directly through your LMS. Knowledge Anywhere’s e-commerce plugin makes the purchase experience seamless for learners with an intuitive checkout process. The best part – Your learners can purchase your online training content without ever having the leave the LMS. All major credit cards are accepted. Payment is accepted in $USD.

Discount Codes
Want to sell your courses at a discount to certain users or groups? No problem! Administrators can generate and distribute discount codes for learners to apply to their purchase up to 100% of the cost of the course.

Learners are automatically enrolled in a course once they’ve successfully completed the checkout process. They also have the ability to view all the courses they purchased and any discounts that were applied from the learner dashboard.

Lease Expiration Intervals
With lease expiration intervals you can sell access to your e-learning courses for a set period of time – giving learners temporary access to a course (such as 6-months access or 12-months access). Learners must complete the course before the lease expiration interval, as the course will automatically expire at the end of the lease expiration term. This can be helpful if you need learners to complete a purchased course within a specific period of time. It should be noted that lease expiration intervals are optional, and can be activated on a course-by-course basis.

Purchase History Reports
Maintain an accurate record of all courses purchased through the LMS with the ability to pull purchase history reports for individuals and groups.

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