Want to know which elements of Knowledge Anywhere's LMS can be tailored to your unique style guidelines? In this short video, our team will walk you through all elements of the LMS that can be customized to reflect your organization's brand.

Your logo in full color can be applied on the left side of the site header on the Learner side of the Learning Management System. The logo that you supply will become a link to your homepage (or whatever URL you supply).

Theme Colors
You can select a primary color and a secondary color for your custom LMS. The primary color is generally used for headers and form backgrounds, and the secondary color is generally used for buttons.

Images & Videos
You have the option to specify a “hero” or a leading image for the login page of the LMS. This image will go behind the login form and being the headline and sub headline text that introduces the user to the Learning Management System. You can also elect to specify a video that can play in the background as an alternate option. You may also specify an image to include as the supporting image on the Login page of the LMS. This image will appear below the “Hero” image and the Login form and is next to the content block where you can add additional promotional content about the use of your Learning Management System. Images can also be specified in other areas of the LMS for more immersive brand experience.

You can modify the login page and the welcome message text from within the administrative dashboard of the LMS – allowing you to alter your positioning, or advertise different aspects of the system, or important employee events. This is great for promoting internal usage of your custom LMS.

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