Gathering feedback from your learners can help you refine and improve your training content so that you can make your e-learning courses, instructor-led offerings, and supplementary course materials as informative and impactful as possible. Watch the short video above to see how you can create unique course surveys and add them to your courses.

Question types
Knowledge Anywhere’s e-learning platform contains a survey engine that allows administrators to build course surveys in a multi-question format. A survey can contain a mixture of different survey question formats such as free form text, frequency, yes/no, and a variety of Likert scale questions. Administrators have the freedom to create as many or as few questions as they like, and have the option to make questions optional or required for the learner to answer.

Multi-language Surveys
Is your Learning Management System available in multiple languages? If so, your course surveys should be too! With Knowledge Anywhere’s LMS, you can easily localize survey questions by entering in the translated version of the question.

Satisfaction Surveys
Course surveys are a great way to obtain learner feedback on training content so that administrators and instructors can make future improvements that improve the learner’s understanding and retention of the course curriculum. But, what about gathering feedback from learners on the learning site as a whole?

With Knowledge Anywhere’s LMS, administrators can create a satisfaction survey that appears to a learner after a designated number of logins. This survey asks learners questions like: “Please rate how well the learning site layout helps you find what you are looking for” or, “Please rate how likely you are to return to the learning site.” These questions can help you understand how well the learning site is being received by your audience, and if there is any confusion from learners on how to use it. It should be noted that learners can opt out of the Satisfaction Survey in the “Preferences” section of the Learner Dashboard.

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