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Knowledge Anywhere LMS Integrations
Knowledge Anywhere LMS Integrations

Knowledge Anywhere LMS Integrations

Through SAML SSO and xAPI, Knowledge Anywhere’s LMS offers convenient integrations allowing for a seamless learner experience and a deeper understanding of your training impacts.

LinkedIn Learning Course Integration

LinkedIn Learning Course Integration

Access over 13,000 LinkedIn Learning courses directly from your LMS. Set up a LinkedIn Learning membership to allow instant, out-of-the-box courses in your LMS so your users can start learning right away.

Knowledge Mark xAPI Browser Integration

Knowledge Mark xAPI Browser Integration

Knowledge Mark is an xAPI bookmarklet that allows users to track the learning they do outside of the LMS. Learners can consume a piece of material on the internet and use Knowledge Mark to easily add it to their transcript.

SAML SSO (Single Sign On)

SAML SSO creates a convenient, simplified experience for learners and administrators. Knowledge Anywhere’s LMS integrates with many SAML enabled services. The following are some of the most popular.

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Knowledge Anywhere eLearning Tools

We are consistently improving our current tools and creating new ones to facilitate the best elearning experience possible for everyone.

QuickQuiz eLearning Slack Application

QuickQuiz creates an avenue for organizations to bring fast elearning into their team’s Slack channels. The app allows an administrator to create and send a quiz along with a piece of elearning material to get fast learner feedback.

SCORMify eLearning Content Converter

SCORMify is a fast, easy-to-use application that allows users to quickly convert their documents and videos into SCORM compliant material that is ready to upload into a user’s LMS.

Knowledge Anywhere Course Builder

Bring your training concepts to life with our course authoring tool. With our scalable, cloud-based course development process, subject matter experts across different departments can quickly and effortlessly build, review and revise course content.

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