Regulatory compliance training has a bad reputation for boring presentation, being little more than a box-checking exercise. While that in itself may not concern many managers, the fact that bored learners don’t remember much from the training should raise eyebrows.

With all the advancements in technology and the recent focus on employee satisfaction and engagement, businesses are putting an emphasis on their compliance training.

Here are some tips for creating enjoyable, effective compliance training.


Keep It Real, Keep It Relevant 

Employees retain information better when they see how it is relevant to their lives and jobs. One way to achieve relevance and be sure your learners stay engaged is to use scenarios. Create every day, recognizable situations employees face in their jobs. Portray these scenarios with sympathy for the frustrations your workers face and you’ll have their attention and appreciation. This process makes your employees more receptive to the information while making it clearly relevant, easier to remember and easier to apply. 

Mix It Up 

Because the content you need to present in compliance training can be boring, present short chunks of information mixed in with relevant portrayals showing workers using the information in action. Present a variety of media and interactions to switch focus from reading to hearing, to responding, to watching. You can use short, fun videos that aren’t necessarily educational to give their minds a brief rest before going onto something more in-depth. Keep their senses engaged and you will minimize boredom. 

Takeaway Tools 

Even the most engaged learners don’t remember everything from a training they watched once. Try creating takeaway tools that they can easily download and refer to later. This could be as simple as a procedural checklist, or an infographic. 

Keep It Conversational 

Yes, the information in your training course is stuffy and dry. So the last thing you want to do is use stuffy and dry language when you present it. A conversational tone in simple words keeps your learners engaged and listening. It also increases course effectiveness by making it easier for them to absorb the material.

It’s true that compliance training is serious business, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be engaging. The more effort you put into making the training fun and engaging, the better compliance results you will see. 

Tailored Learning 

There is nothing worse than generalized training that doesn’t apply to an employee. Take the time as much as possible to assign learner specific training. One of the best ways to do this is through a Learning Management System. These systems are cloud-based platforms that allow administrators to keep training organized as well as create custom learning paths for employees and record and report on learner data. Learn more about a Learning Management System here.  


Knowledge Anywhere can help you prepare effective, engaging and relevant compliance training. 

With some of the best minds in the business, Knowledge Anywhere offers the experience and expertise needed to improve your compliance training materials and outcomes. Our Learning Management System gives you the tools you need to implement, track and manage your e-Learning objectives. Schedule a free consultation with an eLearning professional today! 

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