Training administrators have a critical, yet often underappreciated role: shaping the future of organizations through effective learning. Despite the importance of their work, they often grapple with a host of challenges. Knowledge Anywhere is taking a significant leap forward to ease these pain points with our innovative AI Assessments Tool; a new feature integrated directly into our online training platform. 

In this article, we'll walk through how this new feature solves five common training challenges for Learning and Development professionals, as well as a quick run-down of how to use it. 


Overcoming Top Challenges with AI Assessments

Let's take a look at common training problems and how this feature can help overcome them while helping corporate Training Instructors, Training Administrators, L&D professionals, and HR Training Managers.


Pain Point 1: Creating time-consuming assessments with diverse and relevant questions

Pouring over training content to generate relevant assessments can be a massive drain on your time and resources - especially if you need to rewatch entire videos or scroll through several pages of text to find a relevant question to ask your Learners. Curating assessments that reflect the content's key points or specific learning goals is no small feat. 

Our Solution: 

Enter our cutting-edge AI Assessment tool. It's designed to perform an intensive scan of your training material, delve deep into its core context, and spawn apt questions that align with the content's nuances. Here's how it revolutionizes the process:

  • Simplified Content Conversion: Simply upload your material, such as text, PowerPoints, documents, or PDFs. In fact, we're the first AI tool on the market to make your content into SCORM-converted assessments.
  • Automated Question Generation: Specify your question count and let the AI do its magic. It crafts a set of questions that encapsulate the breadth and depth of your content.
  • Flexibility and Personalized Quizzing: Not thrilled with the generated questions? You're in control. Tweak, modify, or overhaul them to echo your explicit training aspirations.
  • Efficiency and Speed: Reduce manual effort with intelligent automation and save hours of work! This feature is integrated into your training platform, so all you have to do is publish your work.
  • High Learner Engagement: Offer personalized learning experiences, keeping learners intrigued and involved.


Pain Point 2: Finding what your learners already know and where the knowledge and skill gaps are

A recurrent lament in the corridors of corporate training rooms is, "Been there, done that!" L&D professionals often wrestle with the task of keeping seasoned employees engaged, particularly when they feel the content is repetitive.

Our Solution:

Our AI Assessment tool is designed to nip this issue in the bud. By using this feature as a Skills Gap Analysis, it allows Learners to take a preliminary assessment before the course. This has many helpful use cases, including:

  1. Keeping relevant courses and Learners aligned: Those acing it can skip redundant modules, ensuring their training time is optimized. If they score high, there's no need to make them take a course filled with information they already know.
  2. Ensuring higher engagement rates: A lower score serves as an eye-opener, underlining areas that demand attention. This not only ensures targeted learning but bolsters engagement as the learner now recognizes gaps in their knowledge.


Pain Point 3: Integration with existing Learning Management Systems

Usually, there are two main modes of integrating new tools into a training platform:

  1. Using an outside, third-party tool. While this does work, Training Admins would need to transfer their training content from a third-party site into their training solution, complicating the process and increasing production time.
  2. Using an integration. Integrating new tools into existing systems can disrupt the smooth functioning of your training administration and can cause technical problems that can be difficult to fix with support, since the tool is halfway between two systems.

Our Solution:

Our newest AI tool is a feature added seamlessly into your existing Learning Management System - meaning you don't need to worry about another login, spend time bouncing between two tools, or trying to figure out how to combine the two. Simply contact your Knowledge Anywhere Account Manager or Customer Success at to turn on this feature, minimizing disruption and maximizing efficiency. 


Pain Point 4: Re-engage unresponsive or stagnant Learners

Not every learner is consistently active or responsive. As anyone in a corporate training role can tell you, some disengage, due to content redundancy, distractions, perceived irrelevancy, or prioritization. Rekindling interest and ensuring they remain on the path of continuous learning can be an uphill task for L&D professionals.

Our Solution:

Utilize your LMS analytics, determine which Learners are unengaged, and send them an assessment relevant to courses that they've studied within the training platform. This can quickly test knowledge (without much internal effort) and keep them on their toes in between training!

70% of training is forgotten - but testing Learners at abrupt intervals in between training can help keep your key lessons at the forefront of their minds. 


Pain Point 5: Translating assessments into multiple languages

In today's globalized workplace, companies often have a diverse workforce spread across different regions. This geographical spread brings with it a linguistic challenge. Translating assessments to cater to a multilingual audience without losing the essence or context is a tall order.

Our Solution:

If you have a document or text in one language and want to transform it into an Assessment in another language, this tool works perfectly! We've even tested it out with our multilingual friends and it passed with flying colors. 


Extra Pro Tip: Speed up candidate interviews and lower onboarding time

Candidate and New Hire Skill Assessment

HR Managers can now assess the skill level of new recruits before hiring or promoting them to new positions to determine if the candidates are ready for the job or if they need additional training. This can streamline the onboarding process and ensure their team is well-equipped for new roles.


Knowledge Anywhere's AI Assessments Tool: Getting Started Overview

To read more in-depth step-by-step resources, please read our guides here:

This feature is integrated within Knowledge Anywhere's LMS. however, to turn on the feature, please reach out to your Account Manager or Customer Success at

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