What is QuickQuiz? As a fast recap, QuickQuiz is an eLearning tool that is accessible on Slack. It allows anyone to create, manage, and deploy quizzes quickly and easily. Now that we’ve summarized the tool, how can you actually, practically use it? Below is a step by step guide on how to get started. For up-to-date how-to articles about QuickQuiz, make sure you check our help desk here.

How to Install QuickQuiz in Slack

To install QuickQuiz on your Slack team, click here

  1. On the permissions page, Click Allow.
  2. You should be redirected to your Slack workspace. You now may begin using QuickQuiz right away!

Creating A Quiz

Users who have been granted authorship in their workspace are able to create quizzes that they can assign to members of their Slack workspace. If you’re the one who installed the QuickQuiz app, you’re already an author. To start the quiz creation process, enter the command /quiz create in any channel. Enter an appropriate, short name for your new quiz. This quiz name must be unique to other quizzes in your workspace, and can’t contain quotation marks or apostrophes. Optionally, you can also define a quiz description that precedes the quiz when a user takes it. When everything looks good, click Continue. You can come back and edit this later, but only before you finish creating the quiz. 


Picking Quiz Questions 

This window allows you to define a quiz question, its answer choices, and the correct answer. In the first box, enter the question that you’d like to ask. This can contain emojis and links to images/videos. In the following text boxes, enter the answer choices that the user will select from. Unlike previous versions of QuickQuiz, these answer choices do not have a character limit. Below each answer choice input is a button that determines whether the answer choice is correct or not - click the button to toggle it. 

Currently, you can only have one correct answer at a time, but in a future update, we plan to offer the ability to set multiple correct answer choices. Each question must have a minimum of two answer choices, and you can add additional answer choices with the Add New Answer Choice button at the bottom of the window. Clicking on the […] button on the right side of an answer choice will allow you to delete it. As with the previous step, you can go back and edit these details at any time until you complete the quiz creation process. 

Click Save to continue. In the final step of the quiz-building process, the quiz is assigned to individual users and/or channels within your workspace. You can click inside one of the text boxes and start typing the user or channel you’re looking for and/or select it from the dropdown. You can click the Back button to return to the quiz overview, where you can edit quiz details before you finalize it. You can access this window at any time with the /quiz assign [quizname] command. Once you click Assign and Publish Quiz, you cannot go back and change your quiz title, description, or questions! Please make sure everything looks good before you click the green button.


QuickQuiz Slack Commands


/quiz assign “Quiz Name”: Manage assigned users and channels. 

/quiz authors: Opens window for managing quiz authors. 

/quiz cancel: Cancels a quiz that you are currently creating. 

/quiz clear “Quiz Name”: Allows all users who have completed a quiz to take it again. 

/quiz create: Starts quiz creation prompt. 

/quiz help: Lists all QuickQuiz commands. 

/quiz list assigned: Gives a list of all quizzes that are assigned to you.

/quiz list created: Gives a list of all quizzes that you have created. 

/quiz manage “Quiz Name”: Manage passing percent, completion notifications, and due date. 

/quiz results “Quiz Name”: Gives scores of all users that have completed the provided quiz. 

/quiz start: Starts the first quiz assigned to you. 

/quiz start “Quiz Name”: Starts a specified quiz if it’s assigned to you. 



All Basic Commands, plus: 

/quiz delete “Quiz Name”: Allows you to delete or un-assign yourself from a quiz. 

/quiz results “Quiz Name” @username: Gives question-by-question results for a quiz and user. 

For an updated list of commands, refer to QuickQuiz website.

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