As a training manager, HR professional, or education administrator, you know that a Learning Management System (LMS) is a crucial tool for delivering online courses and tracking the progress of your learners. But did you know that an LMS can also be integrated with other systems to enhance its functionality and streamline your workflows?

In this blog, we'll introduce you to several integrations available for the Knowledge Anywhere LMS, including Open Sesame, LinkedIn Learning, Digital Signatures, 360immersive Virtual Reality courses, API and Knowledge Mark, and Single Sign On (SSO), which you can find in our Administrator Marketplace within the LMS. We'll also provide demos and resources for getting started with these integrations. Whether you're looking to add new training content, enhance your learner's experience, or simplify your login process, we hope you'll find these integrations useful.

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Open Sesame

Great for getting professionally-created training on your platform quickly. Over 25,000 courses!

Open Sesame, a market-leading SaaS global eLearning innovator, recently announced an integration with longtime partner Knowledge Anywhere to transform existing training programs using OpenSesame’s high-quality content library for learners. The integration maximizes resources using OpenSesame content via Knowledge Anywhere’s LMS and provides learners with a range of topics and styles of content. Learning and Development teams can quickly and effectively customize training programs with high-quality content that is useful and engaging for Learners, while saving both time and money. 

To see a video demonstration of this integration, check out Knowledge Anywhere & OpenSesame Integration Demo or read more in detail about how to integrate the two systems, click here


LinkedIn Learning

Great for getting professionally-created training on your platform quickly. Over 17,000 courses!

Knowledge Anywhere Learning Management System users can now access over 17,000 expert-led professional courses from LinkedIn Learning directly from their eLearning platform. This integration creates a great opportunity to jump-start a new training and development program or add additional value and flexibility to an existing one.

Opting into this integration allows administrators to select applicable courses from the vast, professional, continually growing LinkedIn Learning library and distribute those courses to selected learner groups. 

To see a video demonstration of this integration, check out Access LinkedIn Learning Library Through Knowledge Anywhere’s LMS.


360 Immersive Virtual Reality Training Courses 

Over 50 off-the-shelf engaging virtual reality courses that integrate into Knowledge Anywhere's LMS. 

Utilized gamified, immersive content that will leave your Learners wanting more. These highly affordable courses are a safe, fun way to learn about unsafe work environments, including OSHA standards, the medical industry, the safety industry, the construction industry, electricians, and much more. See their full course catalog here or contact Knowledge Anywhere directly to try it out for yourself. 


Digital Signatures

Allows Learners to sign digital signatures within the LMS and gives legal validity of Learners completing their courses.

Learners can sign electronically using one of three ways:

1. Type your digital signature
2. Draw your signature digitally
3. Upload files of your signature

Admins will be able to see which courses Learners have signed through PandaDoc.

To see a video demonstration of this feature, check out Demo: How to Use eSignatures.

API & Knowledge Mark

xAPI bookmarklet that allows Learners to have a browser extension that records selected pages in their LMS transcript.

Knowledge Mark is an xAPI bookmarklet that allows users to track the learning they do outside of the LMS. Learners can consume a piece of material on the internet and use Knowledge Mark to easily add it to their transcript. Here is a short video explaining xAPI capabilities and Knowledge Anywhere’s new xAPI bookmarklet called Knowledge Mark. xAPI represents a significant step forward in the deployment of eLearning course offerings and assessment of learning outcomes. Although xAPI is not standardized or widely adopted quite yet, LMS professionals and LMS companies alike are excited about the possibilities it brings.

Learn more by watching our video walkthrough of What Is Knowledge Mark & How Can I Use It?


Single Sign On (SSO)

Single Sign-On (SSO) is a user authentication process that leverages a central authentication service to minimize the required use of multiple login combinations. It allows users to enter one username and password for all independent and related software systems, eliminating the need to remember separate login credentials for each program.

Knowledge Anywhere users have SSO access to Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Salesforce, Okta, and Google! These integrations allow Knowledge Anywhere LMS users to be authenticated and signed in using their Azure, Salesforce, Okta, and Google credentials.

If you’d like to learn more about Knowledge Anywhere’s integrations and apps, check out these resources below.

Microsoft Teams

Now, Admins can set up LMS notifications directly in their Microsoft Teams channel, alerting Learners about their training courses. 

To get you started with this integration, we have created a demo video walkthrough and a step-by-step article guide. Here are titles and brief descriptions of the resources we've created:



Zapier is a platform that allows you to connect apps you use daily to automate your work and be more efficient. With over 2,000 apps and integrations, its potential is endless! With a fast set-up and user-friendly application, it’s easier than ever to connect.

To use this integration, simply find Knowledge Anywhere LMS’s page on Zapier and connect it with another application of your choosing. With thousands of options, you’re sure to find something valuable!

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