Healthcare administration is a dynamic domain, constantly evolving and presenting new challenges. In this article, we'll delve into the most pressing problems faced by the industry and explore how targeted training, powered by advanced Learning Management Systems (LMS), can offer effective solutions and solve the toughest pain points facing Healthcare Administrators.


Problem #1: Navigating Regulatory Compliance and Changing Laws

"Regulatory burden costs $1,200 every time a patient is admitted to a hospital."

- American Hospital Association


The healthcare administration landscape is riddled with a complex web of ever-changing regulations and laws. Non-compliance can lead to hefty penalties and tarnished reputations, making it imperative for administrators to stay updated. Most regulations are also based on geographical location and can change depending on the country or state, making up-to-date and specific compliance training a necessity. 

Solution: Regular, updated training sessions are crucial. By leveraging an LMS, healthcare facilities can ensure that their administrators are always abreast of the latest changes, reducing the risk of inadvertent non-compliance. To make sure your Learners are up to code, ensure that you have:

  • A training platform where you can track quantifiable metrics and create an easy-to-follow audit of employee training
  • Industry-specific courses
  • Online access to your training program, so healthcare workers can learn on the go and in different time zones or shifts


Problem #2: Medical Coding and Billing Errors

"Medical billing errors are a substantial issue in the US healthcare system, costing an estimated $935 million weekly. Studies indicate that around 80% of medical bills have errors, with over 25% of these mistakes due to typos."

- Gitnux


Billions of dollars are lost annually due to incorrect medical coding, impacting the financial health of institutions and potentially leading to legal ramifications.

Solution: An advanced LMS can provide real-time updates, ensuring that coding errors are minimized and billing processes are streamlined, and continuous training on the latest Denial Management, Government Exclusions, Master Patient Index Search, ICD, CPT, and HCPCS code updates are essential.


Problem #3: Inefficiencies in Revenue Cycles and the Need for RCCM Certification

The efficiency of the revenue cycle, spanning from patient registration to final payment, is paramount and quite frankly, a bit too complicated. It's a pain point because the process tends to be confusing and inefficient. However, underperforming revenue cycles can lead to significant revenue leakages and days of paperwork and bureaucracy.

Solution: Training programs, especially those focusing on RCCM certification, can be pivotal. With the right training platform, administrators can simulate real-world scenarios, honing their skills and ensuring optimal revenue cycle management with real-world simulations and engaging quizzes.

To make sure these courses are the most helpful to your organization, utilizing custom development is probably your best bet! 


Problem #4: Upholding Ethical Standards with Good Clinical Practices (GCP Training)

Ensuring that clinical trials are conducted ethically and that patient safety and rights are prioritized is paramount. According to the National Library of Medicine, the top 10 major 10 issues, as perceived by the participants in order of their importance, were:

  1. Patients’ Rights
  2. Equity of resources
  3. Confidentiality of the patients
  4. Patient Safety
  5. Conflict of Interests
  6. Ethics of privatization
  7. Informed Consent
  8. Dealing with the opposite sex
  9. Beginning and end of life
  10. Healthcare team ethics

Solution: GCP training is non-negotiable. With a robust LMS in place, healthcare institutions can ensure that their teams are well-versed in the ethical and scientific standards of clinical trials, safeguarding patient rights and safety.


Problem #5: Data Breaches, Data Management, and Privacy

"In 2021, more than 57% of healthcare organizations suffered more than five data breaches. In 2021, there were 713 reported major data breaches affecting more than 45 million people."

- GlobeNewswire and Gov Info Security


In the age of digital transformation, data breaches in the healthcare sector have become alarmingly common, emphasizing the need for robust data management and privacy measures.

Solution: Comprehensive training on data management tools, cybersecurity protocols, and patient privacy laws is essential. An LMS can offer a secure training environment, ensuring that patient data remains uncompromised. By including industry-specific courses, such as HIPPA compliance and Cybersecurity training, your practice can turn each employee into a security asset. Make sure that your program includes interactive elements, such as assessments, role-playing scenarios, or blended learning


Problem #6: The Race to Keep Up with Technological Advancements in Healthcare

The healthcare sector is at the forefront of technological evolution. From telemedicine to AI-driven diagnostics, the landscape is continually changing. Here are just a few new technologies that have changed drastically in the last few years: 

  • By 2025, one in every 5 adults in America will wear a fitness tracker (Pew Research Center)
  • Computer algorithms able to diagnose patients
  • In 2021, it is estimated that there will be more than 10 million apps available globally to help patients lead a healthier lifestyle.
  • The global mobile health app market is expected to reach $125.32 billion in 2028 (Grand View Research)
  • The use of telehealth has increased by 154% since the start of 2020 (CDC)
  • 68% of patients say they’re more likely to choose medical providers that offer the ability to book, change, or cancel appointments online (Accenture)
  • The surgical robot market is expected to reach over $24 billion by 2025 (Global Market Insights)
  • IoMT market will soon be worth $142.45 billion (PRNewswire)

Solution: Regular training sessions on emerging technologies are vital. An LMS, equipped with the latest tech integrations, ensures that healthcare administrators remain at the cutting edge of technological advancements (Accenture). Your online training provider should have a past history of working with top medical device companies - Knowledge Anywhere has worked with Siemens for over 25 years and knows the field well! Here's a quick quote from their Director of Clinical Education Services:

"[Knowledge Anywhere] has done a fantastic job with the new Siemens Learning Center platform. In our world of medical imaging complexity, you’ve built such a simple, user-friendly interface that will (I firmly believe) help us make our customers’ learning experiences much more pleasant. I really do see this helping us deliver a much more impactful personalized education experience. Thank you for the great work you and your company have done. It can truly be said you are helping Siemens achieve our mission to “advance human health.” And that is a worthwhile pursuit."


Problem #7: The Need for Proactive Crisis Management and Preparedness

Healthcare facilities are no strangers to crises, be it natural disasters or global pandemics like COVID-19. Preparedness is the key to navigating such challenges effectively. And it seems that the challenges are continuing to grow, making this pain point very important to confront head-on.

The Joint Commission, a major agency that monitors hospitals and health facilities, reported a 19% rise in adverse events in 2022


Solution: Crisis management training is indispensable. With a state-of-the-art LMS, healthcare institutions can disseminate urgent training updates in real-time, communicating with Learners and ensuring that their staff is always prepared to handle any emergency.


Where to Find Healthcare Administration Training Resources:

In conclusion, the challenges in healthcare administration are multifaceted and constant. However, with the right training strategies, powered by advanced LMS platforms, these challenges can be transformed into opportunities for growth and excellence. Dive deep into the world of healthcare administration training and unlock the potential of your institution.

Knowledge Anywhere, in collaboration with industry leaders, offers a variety of courses tailored for the healthcare administration industry. To see just one example of relevant off-the-shelf courses we offer, you can check out Open Sesame Healthcare Administration Training Courses (US).

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