​During global quarantine, it’s a tough time for the world. However, this can be an especially trying time for juniors and seniors in high school, as well as college students looking for work. It can be a scary time for younger generations - in their lifetime, they’ve seen a housing collapse, a global pandemic, multiple recessions, and are facing unprecedented amounts of nationwide student debt. Many worry about getting internships and apprenticeships during this time to build their resume and set themselves up for future career. With Covid-19, those plans have been put on pause, leaving students to question “what now?” 

Luckily, there’s hope, with great online programs that teach students real skills and provides opportunities for job hires and career advancement. New Ford Tech’s Ford Automotive Career Exploration (ACE) is a partnership program between Ford Motor Company, Ford/Lincoln dealerships, and secondary and post-secondary educational institutions. The intent of the program is to raise awareness and increase interest in career opportunities within the automotive industry, ultimately as a trained service technician. 

They’re able to do this through Knowledge Anywhere’s Learning Management System (LMS), which uses the same technology to teach certified professionals, as well as students signed up for the program. This is intended to shrink the growing skills gap and train a new generation in the automotive industry, using the same platform as bonafide professionals. In the last year, the program grew 80%, with over 140,000 total course completions as of May 2020.  

Congratulations to Nick M, a student at Jones Technical Institute for completing the most ACE courses by April, 2020. To honor Nick and his accomplishment, a Zoom ceremony was held with his family, New Ford Tech, Bozard Ford, and J-Tech. Nick was presented with a certificate of achievement and Bozard Ford Lincoln.

Advantages to Students

  • Gain Skills and Bulk Up Resumes. Graduating with more than a school on your resume is powerful - it shows real world experience and know-how. This program gives students the means to get hands-on with subject matter not covered in traditional classrooms
  • Get Competitive. It’s difficult to hire interns right now - companies are preparing for a recession, working virtually, and cutting costs. The fact that ACE is still up and running via a comprehensive online platforms means that these internships and apprenticeships just became that more valuable, and will set participants apart from the crowd when they complete the program or want to start job hunting in the future.
  • Network, Network, Network. It’s not just about learned skillset. According to GreatBusinessSchools.org, networking is the most effective of all employment sources, with 46% of people getting their current position through networking. It’s never too early to start meeting people and making connections.
  • Potentially Receive Future-Resistant Employment. Right now, there’s a lot of uncertainty in the job market. Global viruses and automated technology has most people fearful for their job security. And while we can’t know what’s coming next or how it will impact everyone, there are a few jobs that have more security than others. Covid-19 showed us that trade school workers are the backbone of society, and are considered essential. Job security holds real power, and can be a proven investment.
Knowledge Anywhere is excited to spotlight the success and benefit of our partners at New Ford Tech. To learn more about the program, visit https://www.newfordtech.com/ and you can also follow them on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook at @newfordtech. Check out if your school or local dealership qualify you for these career opportunities, as details and offers may vary by location.

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